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Lena PETIT (FR) - October 2013
Red - Taylor Swift
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Start after 16 counts

Point ½ turn, kick ball change, step lock (x2)
1, 2Point LF behind (1), ½ L (2) (weight on your LF) (end facing: 6h)
3&4 Kick RF (3), step RF next to LF (&), step LF next to RF (4)
5, 6&Step R forward (5), cross LF behind RF (6), step R forward (&)
7,8& Step L forward (7), cross RF behind LF (8), step L forward (&)

Step, hold, behind side cross, repeat
1, 2Step R to the R side (1), hold (2)
3&4Cross LF behind RF (3), Step R to the R side (&), cross LF over RF (4)
5, 6Step R to the R side (5), hold (6)
7&8Cross LF behind RF (7), Step R to the R side (&), cross LF over RF (8)

Triple step forward, Rock recover, heel out (x2), in in (x2), scuff, hook
1&2Step R forward (1), Step L next to RF (&), Step R forward (2)
3, 4Step L forward (3), recover (4)
&5&6Heel L forward « out »(&), heel R forward « out »(5), Step L to the center (&), step R to the center (5) 7, 8: Brush the floor with L heel (7), Hook L (8)

Triple step side, rock back, kick (x2), step forward, touch
1&2Step L to the L side (1), step R next to LF (&), step L to the L side (2)
3,4Step R behind (3), recover (4)
5&6&Kick RF forward (5), step R next to LF (&), Kick LF forward (6), step L next to RF (&)
7, 8Big step R forward (7), touch LF next to RF (8)

Restart the dance with a beautiful smile!!!



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