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Red Camaro

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Daniel Trepat (NL) - October 2011
Red Camaro - Rascal Flatts
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Intro: 24 count intro. Start counting from the first beat of the music

S1: Walk 2x R-L, diagonal triple steps 2x, rock fwd
1RF Step forward
2LF Step forward
3RF Step diagonal right forward
&LF Lock behind RF
4RF Step diagonal right forward
5LF Step diagonal left forward
&RF Lock behind LF
6LF Step diagonal left forward
7RF Rock forward
8LF Recover

S2: Diagonal triple steps 2x, full turn R, coaster step
1RF Step diagonal right back
&LF Cross over RF (lock in front)
2RF Step diagonal right back
3LF Step diagonal left back
&RF Cross over LF (lock in front)
4LF Step diagonal left back
5RF ½ turn right stepping forward
6LF ½ turn right stepping back
7RF Step back
&LF Step next to RF
8RF Step forward

S3: Rockstep, cross, monterey full turn R with sweep, weave
1LF Rock to left side
&RF Recover
2LF Cross over RF
3RF Touch to right side
4RF full turn right and step next to LF
5LF Sweep from back to front
6LF Cross over RF
7RF Step to right side
8LF Cross behind RF

S4: Shuffle ¼ turn R, rockstep, shuffle back, coaster step
1RF Step to right side
&LF Step next to RF
2RF ¼ turn right stepping forward
3LF Rock forward
4RF Recover
5LF Step back
&RF Step next to LF
6LF Step back
7RF Step back
&LF Step next to RF
8RF Step forward
Tag 1: will be here in wall 5

S5: Heel, touch, heel, scuff, hitch, heel taps
1LF Heel forward
&LF Step in place
2RF Touch with toes in place
&RF Step in place
3LF Heel forward
&LF Step in place
4RF Scuff forward
&RF Hitch
5RF ¼ turn stepping to right side
&Both heels up
6Both heels down
&Both heels up
7Both heels down
&Both heels up
8Both heels down (finish weight on RF)

S6: Step, Cross, hold, syncopated weave, rockstep, cross, ½ turn L
&LF Step next to RF
1RF Cross over LF
&LF Step to left side
3RF Cross behind LF
&LF Step to left side
4RF Cross over LF
5LF Rock to left side
&RF Recover
6LF Cross over RF
7RF ¼ turn left stepping back
8LF ¼ turn left stepping next to RF

Tag 1: will be 2 counts in the 5th wall:
Count 1 & 2 just tap the left heel twice and continue with the dance (the heel, toe, heel part).

Tag 2: will be 12 counts after the 5th wall:
1 – 4RF Heel tap (4 times)
&RF Step next to LF
5LF Step to left side
5 – 8Both hands go to side and then up

1RF Touch to right side
&RF Step next to LF
2LF Touch to left side
&LF Step next to RF
3RF Touch to right side
&RF Hitch
4RF Touch to right side

Have fun and start again.



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