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Red Camaro

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Low Intermediate
Shelley Glockner - July 2017
Red Camaro - Keith Urban
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Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: R coaster, step L, R shuffle forward, L rock forward, R recover, 1/4 turn sailor
1&2Step RF back, step LF next to RF, step RF forward
3, 4&5Step LF forward, Step RF forward (4), step LF next to RF (&), step RF forward (5)
6, 7Step LF forward, recover weight to RF
8&1Step LF back (8), ¼ turn L while stepping RF side, Step LF side

Section 2: R cross shuffle, step L side, step R behind, ¼ turn step L, ½ pivot
2&3Step RF over LF, Step LF next/behind RF, step RF over LF
4&5Step LF side (4), step RF behind LF (&), step LF forward while making ¼ turn L,
6, 7Step RF forward, make ½ turns L and change weight to LF

Section 3: R&L lock steps, R rock forward, L recover, walk back R, L, R
8&1Step RF forward (8), step LF behind RF (&), step RF forward (1)
2&3Step LF forward (2), step RF behind LF (&), step LF forward (3)
4&Step RF forward, recover weight to LF (&)
5, 6, 7Step RF back, step LF back, step RF back***

Section 4: L coaster, side rock cross x3, ¼ turn R
8&1Step LF back (8), step RF next to LF (&), Step LF forward
2&3Step RF side (2), recover weight to LF (&), step RF in front of LF
4&5Step LF side (4), recover weight to RF (&), step LF in front of RF
6&7Step RF side (2), recover weight to LF (&), step RF in front of LF
8Make ¼ turn R while stepping LF back

Tag/Restart: ***Wall #8 (facing 9 o’clock): During section 3, add an additional walk back on LF (count 8) to restart dance at Section 1 with a R coaster



Last Update - 16th July 2017


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