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Red Carpet Day

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Phrased Intermediate NC2S
Rex Chuan (USA) - July 2018
The Day on Red Carpet (走在紅毯那一天) by Julia Peng
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Tag: 1 Tag
Restart: 1 Restart
Sequence: A,B,B,B(20),A,B,B,B,tag,B,B(16)

Part A: 16 counts
[1~8] Walk X2, Sailor Step Turn, Weave, Rock
1 2&3LF(1), RF forward(2), quickly sway shoulder left (&), sway shoulder right (3), sweep RF back and quarter turn right for next step (3:00)
4&5Land RF across LF(4), LF side on ball(&), RF side step(5)
6&7LF back cross RF(6), RF right step(&), LF step over RF(7)
8&RF step right (8), recover weight on LF(&)

[9~16] Walk, Rock and Swivel, Out Out in Walk, Sweep Turn, Hitch, Rock Recover Swivel
1&2&3RF forward(1), LF forward (&), left hand reach out(2) and swift weight back on RF(&), swivel half turn and forward LF (3) (9:00)
4e&5 Step RF right on toe(4), step LF right on toe(e), forward RF(&), forward LF (5) and sweep RF front and half 3/8 turn for next step (4:30)
6 7 8&Hitch RF with toe touching the floor(6), RF rock forward(7), Recover on LF(8), turn 3/8 right and forward RF (&) (9:00)

Part B: 32 counts
[17~24] Jump Turn Sweep, Sailor Step Turn, Rock Recover, Spiral, Hitch, Side Membo
1 2&3Jump forward while half turn landing on LF(1) facing 3:00 sweep and step RF back across LF (2), LF side step on ball(&), RF forward diagonally (3) (1:30)
4&5Recover weight on LF (4), right turn 3/8 and forward RF(&) facing 6:00, forward LF and swivel full turn on LF(5)
6&7&8&RF forward(6), hitch LF(&), cross LF over RF (7), side step RF(&), recover weight on LF(8), cross RF over LF(&) (6:00)

[25~32] Sway x4, Half Diamond
1 2 3 4LF step left and start sway for four times ending with weight on RF
****Restart here with slight modification, after sway to left on (3) left half turn and step RF in place and start the Part A
5 6&Shift weight on LF, quarter turn and sweep RF forward(5), cross RF over LF(6), side step LF(&) (3:00)
7 8&Cross RF under LF(7) and sweep LF back, cross LF under RF(8), half turn and forward RF(&) and continue 1/8 turn until facing 10:30 for next step

[33~40] Rock Recover, Back Tap, Swivel, Rock Recover, Back Tap, Swivel

1 2&3 4Forward LF reaching out for style(1), recover weight on RF(2), LF back step (&), RF back tap (3), swivel haft turn right and shift weight on RF(4) (4:30)
56&78Forward LF reaching out for style(5), recover weight on RF(6), LF back step (&), RF back tap (7), swivel haft turn right and shift weight on RF(8) (10:30)

[41~48] Half Diamond, Walk X2, Side, Cross Turn Forward
1 2&Shift weight on LF, 1/8 turn and sweep RF forward(1), cross RF over LF(2), side step LF(&) (9:00)
3 4&Cross RF under LF(3) and sweep LF back, cross LF under RF(4), half turn and forward RF(&) (3:00)
5 6 7 8&LF forward(5), RF forward(6), LF step left(7), LF cross under RF(8), quarter turn right and forward RF(&) (6:00)

********Tag here: hold the entire beat 8 standing still, add four counts by raising both arms for style(123), LF cross under RF(4), quarter turn right and forward RF(&)

The dance ends at count 16 of Part B facing 12:00

Enjoy the touching music with moves!




Laoliu July 23, 2018
I really enjoy this piece. Fabulous!

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