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Redneck Woman
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Phrased Intermediate
Anna Lisa Buzzetti – June 2017
Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson
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A - A - TAG 1 - B - B - TAG 1 - TAG 2 (X2) - A - A - TAG 1 – B – B – TAG 1 – TAG 2 (*) B - B - RESTART (**) - A - B - TAG 1 - TAG 2 (X3) - ENDING

Part A: 32 counts
Sec A1: Swivel right (toe, heel, toe); Hold; Swivel left (toe, heel, toe); Hold
1-2Fan right toe out to right, Fan right heel out to right
3-4Fan right toe out to right, Hold
5-6Fan right toe to left, Fan right heel to left
7-8Fan right toe to left together, Hold

Sec A2: Lock diagonal forward right; Brush left; Lock forward left; Brush right;
1-2Step right diagonal forward, Lock left behind right
3-4Step right diagonal forward, Brush left beside right
5-6Step left diagonal forward, Lock right behind left
7-8Step left diagonal forward, Brush right beside left

Sec A3: Right MamboStep; Slow Coaster Step left; Scuff right
1-2Step Right forward, Recover weight to le left,
3-4Step right back, Hold
5-6Step left back, Step right beside left
7-8Step left forward, Scuff right beside left

Sec A4: Jumping Jazz box; Jumping rock back; Stomp right; Stomp left;
1-2(jumping) Cross right over left and hook left behind right, Turning ¼ left return on left and kick right
3-4(jumping) Turning ¼ left return on right and kick left forward, Return on left and hook right behind
5 -6(jumping) Rock back on right and kick left forward, Return on left
7-8Stomp right beside left, Stomp left together

Part B: 32 counts
Sec B1: 4 Twister Kick ½ turn left;
1&2&Kick forward right, Return on right foot, Turn ½ left, Hook left behind right
3&4&Kick forward left, Return on left foot, Turn ½ left , Hook right behind left ,
5&6&Kick forward right, Return on right foot, Turn ½ left, Hook left behind right
7&8&Kick forward left, Return on left foot, Turn ½ left, Hook right behind left

Sec B2: Vine to the right ending with jump; Swivet to the right; Turn ½ left; Weight on right
1-2(jumping) kick right to right side, Step right to right side and hook left behind right
3-4(jumping) Step left behind right kicking right to right side, Jump open stance
5-6Swivet toes to the right, Return to centre
7-8With weight on left turn ½ right (6:00), Weight on right.
(Restart here)

Sec B3: Vaudeville left; Touch right side; Touch forward; Touch right side, Hook
1-2Cross left over right, Step right diagonally back to right
3-4Touch left heel diagonally forward to left, Step left on place
5-6Touch right toe to right side, Touch right toe forward
7-8Touch right toe to right side, Hook right behind left

Sec B4: Jumping rock back right twice; Scuff; Scoot; Stomp forward (x2)
1-2Jumping rock back on right & kick left forward, Return on left
3-4Jumping rock back on right & kick left forward , Return on left
5-6Scuff right beside left, Jump forward on left while hitching right knee
7-8Stomp right forward, Stomp Left Forward.

Tag 1: 32 counts
Scissor Step right; Hold; Scissor Step left; Hold
1-2Rock back diagonally right, Step left beside right,
3-4Cross right over left, Hold
5-6Rock back diagonally left, Step right beside left,
7-8Cross left over right, Hold

Step turn step ½ (x2)
1-2Step right forward, ½ turn left (weight on left);
3-4Step right forward, Hold
5-6Step left forward, ½ turn right, (weight on right),
7-8Step left forward, Hold

Stomp out, Hold, Stomp in, Hold
1 -2Stomp out right, Hold
3-4Stomp out left, Hold
5-6Stomp in right, Hold
7-8Stomp in left, Hold

Rock back right; Hold; Recover on left; Hold; Kick right; Unwind
1-2Rock back on right, Hold
3-4Return on left foot ,Hold
5-6Kick Right forward, Cross right over left
7-8Unwind full turn to left

Tag 2: 8 counts
Vine right turning1/2 left with hook left; Vine left with scuff right
1-2-3-4Step right to right, Step left behind right, Step right turning ¼ left, hook left over right turnig ¼ left
5-6-7-8Step left to the left, Step right behind left, Step left to the left, Scuff right beside left (scuff becomes stomp up before starting Part A)

(*)Tag 2 is modified with a vine right (no turn) ending with left hook over right (12:00), vine left with stomp up right.

(**) Dance Part B once than only 16 counts of Part B and restart (for this A last left stomp is forward).

1-2-3-4-5Step right to the right, Step left behind right; Step right to the right, Stomp up left beside right. Turning ½ left stomp left forward.

Contact: alisa.buzz@gmail.com

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