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Newcomer Polka
Brigitte Wulff (DE) - June 2019
Regenbogenfarben - Kerstin Ott
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Rock Step, Shuffle Back, Back Rock, Shuffle fwd
1RF step fwd /w weight on RF
2Weight back to LF
3RF step back
&LF step next to RF
4RF step back
5LF step back /w weight on LF
6Weight back to RF
7LF step fwd
&RF step next to LF
8LF step fwd

Cross, Back Chasse R, Cross Rock, Chasse /w ¼ turn L
9RF cross over LF
10LF step back
11RF step to R
&LF step next to RF
12RF step R
13LF cross over RF /w weight on LF
14Weight back to RF
15LF step L
&RF step next to LF
16LF step fwd /w ¼ turn L (9 O’Clock)

Step ¼ Turn L, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Behind, Side, Fwd
17RF step fwd
18¼ turn L on both feet (6 O’Clock)
19RF cross over LF
&LF step next to RF
20RF cross over LF
21LF step L /w weight on LF
22Weight back on RF
23LF cross behind RF
&RF step R
24LF step fwd

Rock Step, Chasse ¼ turn R, Rock Step, Triplestep /w full turn
25RF step fwd /w weight on RF
26Weight back to LF
27RF step R /w ¼ turn R (9 O’Clock)
&LF step next to RF
28RF step R
29LF step fwd /w weight on LF
30Weight back to RF
31LF step fwd /w ½ turn L (3 O’Clock)
&RF step fwd /w ½ turn L (9 O’Clock)
32LF step next to RF

!Option for the Last 3 Counts: Coaster Step!
31LF step back
&RF step next to LF
32LF step fwd


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