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Reggaeton Lento

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Alison Biggs (UK) & Peter Metelnick (UK) - October 2017
Reggaet├│n Lento (Remix) - CNCO & Little Mix
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Start After Flamenco Guitar Intro And The Words “Boy I Can”. First Step Coincides With Next Word: “See” (Approx: 10 Secs) – 94bpm – 3mins 08secs
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[1-8] Funky Feet Apart L/R (With Hip Pushes), L Back, Turning 1/8th L, R Back, Turning 1/8th L, L Side , R Fwd With ¼ R & L Flick, L Cross Step, R Side, L Tog, R Side, L Tog
1-3Step L Forward And Out Pushing Hip Out, Step R Out Pushing Hip Out (Funky Hips ), Step L Back
4&5Turning 1/8 Left Step R Back (11 O’clock), Turning 1/8th Left Step L To Left Side (9 O’clock), Step R Forward Flicking Left Behind As You Turn ¼ Right (12 O’clock)
6-7&Cross Step L Over R, Step R Side, Step L Together
8&Step R Side, Step L Together

[9-16] R Side, L Cross Rock/Recover, L Side, R Cross Step, L Side, R Rock Back With Knee Pop/ Recover, R Forward Shuffle
1-2&Step R Side, Cross Rock L Over R, Recover Weight On R
3&4Step L Side, Cross Step R Over L, Step L Side
5-6Rock R Back Popping Left Knee Up, Recover Weight On L
7&8Step R Forward, Step L Together, Step R Forward

[17-24] ¼ R & L Hip Bump, ¼ R & R Fwd Hip Bump, ¼ R & L Hip Bump, ¼ R Toaster, L Fwd, R Fwd, ½ L Pivot, ¼ L & R Side
1-3Turning ¼ Right Step L Out Bumping L Hip, Turning ¼ Right Step R Forward Bumping Hip Forward, Turning ¼ Right Step L Out And Bump Hips L (9 O’clock)
4&5Turning ¼ Right Step R Back, Step L Together, Step R Forward (12 O’clock)
6-7&8Step L Forward, Step R Forward, Pivot ½ Left, Turning ¼ Left Step R Side (3 O’clock)

[25-32] L Samba, R Samba, L Fwd Chase Turn, L Full Turn Fwd (Or R/L/R Fwd), R Fwd
1&2Cross Step L Over R, Rock R Side, Recover Weight On L
3&4Cross Step R Over L, Rock L Side, Recover Weight On R
5&6Step L Forward, Pivot ½ Right, Step L Forward (Extended 5th) (9 O’clock)
7&8Turning ½ Left Step R Back, Turning ½ Left Step L Forward, Step R Forward (9 O’clock)
Non Turning Option: R/L/R Forward

END: During Wall 9, Facing Front Wall, Dance First 16 Counts. To End Simply Step L Forward And Hold.

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dancer33 October 4, 2017
Loving this .....after silhouette which is a class favourite this is sure to be a hit too. Great upbeat track and neat dance .

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