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Reindeer Shuffle

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Cathy Montgomery (CAN), Valarie Keller (CAN) & Michael Cairns (CAN) - December 2020
Sounds Like Christmas - Johnny Reid
Honey Honey - Johnny Reid
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Start Dance on vocals 16 counts into the music

Due to many requests for alternative music for after Christmas - try the following.
Honey Honey by Johnny Reid...
NOTE: Thee is 2 restarts using this music, on walls 2 and 6 after 24 counts.

[1-8] Right Side Together Side, Left Side together Side
1 -4Step right foot to right side, step left foot beside right, step right foot to right side, touch left foot beside right.
5- 8Step left foot to left side, step right foot beside left, step left foot to left side, touch right foot beside left.
Music is fun, so make your moves fun.

[9-16] Touch right toe forward, step right foot home, Touch left Toe Forward, step left foot home, Skate Right, Left Right Left,
1 - 2Touch your right toe forward, step right foot beside left.
3 - 4Touch left toe forward, step left foot beside right.
5 - 8Skate Right, Left, Right, Left moving forward slightly as you skate.

[17-24] Lindy Right, Lindy Left making ¼ to your right.
1&2Shuffle to the right side R, L, R
3-4Rock back on left foot, recover onto right.
5&6Shuffle to the left side, L, R, L while turning a ¼ turn to your right.
7-8Rock back on right foot recover onto left.

[25-32] Right rocking chair, Two right ½ turn pivots.
1-4Rock your right foot forward recover onto left, rock your right foot back, recover onto left.
5-8Step right foot forward, make ½ turn left stepping onto left, step right foot forward make ½ turn left stepping onto left foot.

Easy option for pivots is to do another rocking chair

Begin Again

Last Update - 18 Dec. 2020


Walkercross December 11, 2020
Love this. Fantastic song, upbeat and happy. The dance is super simple. Adding to the fun factor!
Janet Martin

Rosie M December 19, 2020
Merry Christmas my friends! xo I'll be teaching your dance Tues Dec 22 in 2 virtual classes, Love it!

Joey January 25, 2021
Any suggestions for non Christmas music. would love to keep this dance going.

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