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Phrased Intermediate
Tracy Hoo & Jennifer Choo (Nov 2016)
Fame by Irene Cara (Single) 3:43
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Phrasing: AA BB Tag A AA BB Tag AB Tag B
Intro: 6x8’s

Part A (32 counts)
Set A1: K Step, Brush
1-2Step RF to R diag fwd, Touch LF next to RF 12:00
3-4Step LF to L diag back, Touch RF next to LF 12:00
5-6Step RF to R diag back, Touch LF next to RF 12:00
7-8Step LF to L diag fwd, Brush RF fwd next to LF 12:00

Set A2: Walk, Walk, ¼L Pivot, Cross, Hinge ½R, Side Fwd
1-2Step RF fwd, Step LF fwd 12:00
3-4Step RF fwd, ¼L shifting weight on LF 9:00
5-6Cross RF over LF, ¼R stepping back on LF 12:00
7-8¼R Stepping RF to R, Step LF fwd 3:00

Set A3: Rocking Chair, Heel Bounces
1-4Rock RF fwd, Recover on LF, Rock RF back, Recover on LF 3:00
5-8Touch ball of RF fwd and bounce R heel 4x (Arms: Slowly raise R arm fwd until the top) 3:00

Set A4: ¼R Right Cross Samba, Left Cross Samba, Jazz Box
1&2¼R Cross RF over LF, Rock LF to L, Recover on RF 6:00
3&4Cross LF over RF, Rock RF to R, Recover on LF 6:00
5-8Cross RF over LF, Step LF back, Step RF to R, Cross LF over RF 6:00

Part B (32 counts)
Set B1: Stomp, Open arms, Cross Rock, ¼L Fwd, ½L Back
1Stomp RF to R, turn head down and slap both palms on thighs 12:00
2-4Look up sharply and open both arms outwards over 3 counts (lyrics: Fame) 12:00
5-6Rock LF over RF, Recover on RF 12:00
7-8¼L Stepping LF fwd, ½L Stepping RF back 3:00

Set B2: ¼L L Chasse, Cross Rock, Full turn R, R Chasse
1&2¼L Stepping LF to L, Close RF next to LF, Step LF to L 12:00
3-4Rock RF over LF, Recover on LF 12:00
5-6¼R stepping RF fwd, ½R stepping LF back 9:00
7&8¼R stepping RF to R, Close LF next to RF, Step RF to R 12:00

Set B3: Cross, Full Pirouette L Turn, ¼R Jazz Box
1Step LF fwd (Prep body to R) 12:00
2-4Execute a full turn L on LF with hitched RF into figure 4 and stretching both arms into a V (lyrics: Fly High)
Easier options:
&2&3&4Do a full turn L stepping on balls of RF, LF, RF, LF, RF, LF 12:00
5-8Cross RF over LF, Step back on LF, ¼R stepping RF to R, Cross LF over RF 3:00

Set B4: Step, Touch, Step Touch, Side Rock, Cross Unwind ¾L
1-2Step RF to R (throw both arms upwards), Touch L toe behind RF (throw both arms down & turn face to R) 3:00
3-4Step LF to L (throw R arm upwards), Touch R toe behind LF (throw R arm down & turn face to L) 3:00
5-6Rock RF to R, Recover on LF 3:00
7-8Cross RF over LF, ¾L Unwind shifting weight on LF 6:00

Tag (to be performed at 12:00, 6:00 and 6:00 respectively) during lyrics: Remember, remember…
1-8(1-2) RF toe strut to R, (3-4) LF Cross toe strut over RF, (5-6) RF toe strut to R, (7-8) Cross Rock LF over RF, Recover on RF
9-16Repeat 1-8 to the left

Ending: After finishing the last B, do the first 4 counts of B to end the dance facing 12:00 with the Fame pose.

Enjoy the dance and have FUN!



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