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Advanced NC2S
Simon Ward (AUS) - July 2019
I Don't Know You Anymore - Savage Garden : (Album: Affirmation, iTunes and Google Music - 3:50)
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Notes: Tag after Wall 3, Restart on walls 5 & 6 with modification (see notes below)
Dance starts on vocals approx. 22 secs, End dance on count 11 turning left to front wall.

[1-8&] L fwd sweep R, Cross R, L back, R back, ½ turn L, L back sweep R, R behind, L side, ½ L runaround
1-2&Step left forward to left diagonal sweeping right forward 10.30, Cross/step right over left , Step left back
3-4&Rock/step right back turning 1/8 turn right to 12.00, Recover weight onto left, Turn a ½ turn left stepping right slightly back 6.00
5-6&Step left back sweeping right back, Step right behind left, Step left slightly to left 6.00
7&8&Turn 1/8 turn left stepping right forward 4.30, Cross/step left over right turning 1/8 turn left 3.00 Step right to right side turning 1/8 turn left 1.30, Make a ¼ turn left stepping onto left 10.30

[9-16&] ¼ L, R basic, ¼ turn R, R back, Recover L, 1 ¾ turn L, L side, Cross/rock R, Recover L
1-2&Make a 1/8 turn left & step right to right side 9.00, Rock/step left behind, Recover weight onto right
3-4&Step left to left side turning ¼ turn right 12.00, Rock/step right back, Recover weight onto left
5-6&Step right forward making a full turn left, Step left slightly forward, Make a further ½ turn left stepping right beside left 6.00
7-8&Make a further ¼ turn left & step left to left side 3.00, Cross/rock right over left, Recover weight onto left

[17-24&] ¼ R, R fwd sweep L, Cross/rock L, Recover R, L back, R back, L fwd, R fwd, L fwd coaster step, R back, L toe back, ½ pivot back turn L
1-2&Turn a ¼ turn right & step right forward sweeping left forward, Cross/rock left over right, Recover weight onto right 6.00
3-4&Step left back hitching right knee to diagonal, Step right back & directly behind left, Step left forward 6.00
**RESTART here on Wall 6 (see notes)**
5-6&Step right forward, Rock/step left forward, Step right beside left 6.00
**RESTART here on Wall 5 (see notes)**
7&8&Step left back, Step right back, Touch left toe back, Pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left 12.00

[25-32&] Rock fwd R, Recover L, 3/8 turn R, Rock fwd L, Recover R, ½ turn L, R fwd, Pivot ½ L, R fwd, Pivot ½ L, R fwd, L fwd, Pivot ½ turn R
1-2&Rock/step right forward, Recover weight onto left, Make 3/8 turn right stepping onto right 4.30
3-4&Rock/step left forward, Recover weight onto right, Make ½ turn left stepping onto left 10.30
5&6&Step right forward, Pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left, Step right forward, Pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left 10.30
7-8&Step right forward 10.30, Step left forward, Pivot ½ turn right taking weight onto right 4.30

RESTART (you will be facing 10.30 to start the dance again)

Tag: At the end of wall 3 please do the following 4 counts:
1-2&Step left forward, Step right forward, Pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left
3-4&Step right forward, Step left forward, Pivot ½ turn right taking weight onto right

Restart Notes: On walls 5&6 you will need to modify the steps to restart the dance again.
Wall 5 on count 22& – Step left forward, Lock/step right behind left, RESTART to 4.30
Wall 6 on count 20& - Step right back, Touch left toe over right, RESTART to 10.30

Ending: On count 11, Make a sharp turn left on left to front wall extending right arm down and up to chest height.

Last Update – 15 Aug. 2019


brenda b August 17, 2019
great dance it .

Happy Feeet August 17, 2019
Beautiful tune to flowy, graceful choreography. Next NC2S on our list of August.

JonK83 August 19, 2019
Fantastic dance to great music! Winner :)

cass August 20, 2019
Great track and dance

Helde September 24, 2019
One of the most beautiful combinations of choreography and music. Fab!

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