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Renegade Waltz

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Peter Cheng - November 2010
Other music:
Their hearts are dancing by Forester Sisters (Restart on 4th wall)
Feed the Birds /Walt Disney/Mary Poppins Song Book

12 count intro.

Lf step forward, ½ turn left, step on Rf, step Lf next to right; back left basic
1-3Step forward Lf (1), ½ turn to left and step on Rf (2); step Lf next to Rf (3)
4-6step Lf back (4), step Rf back (5), step Lf next to Rf (6).

7-12Repeat above 1-6

Lunge Lf over Rf, recover, step Lf to side; lunge Rf over Lf, recover, step Rf to side
13-15Rock Lf over Rf (1), recover on Rf (2), step Lf to left side (3)
16-18Rock Rf over Lf (5), recover on Lf (6), step Rf to right side (6).

Vine to Right with 1/4 turn Right; Lf step forward, pivot 1/2 turn to Right, step on Rf
19-21Lf over Rf (1), Rf to side (2), Lf behind Rf (3)
22-24Rf fwd ¼ turn Right (4), step Lf forward, ½ pivot turn to Right (5), step on Rf (6).

Two full turns-one to left side, one to right (alternative available)
25-27Step Lf forward (1), ¼ turn to left step on Rf (2), ¾ hinge turn to left, step on Lf (3)
28-30Step Rf forward (4), ¼ turn to right step on Lf (5), ¾ hinge turn to right, step on Rf (6).
(Momentum of the movement will carry you through the turns)

Rock/ recover Left to Right; rock/recover Right to Left
31-33Rock Lf to left side (1), recover on Rf (2), step Lf behind Rf (3)
34-36Rock Rf to right side (4), recover on Lf (5), step Rf behind Lf (6).

Sweep Lf front to back while making ½ turn to Left; step on Lf; Step Rf to Right, drag Lf next to Rf
37-39Sweep Lf front to back while making ½ turn to Left(1-2), step on Lf(3)
40-42Step Rf to right side (4), drag Lf next to Rf (5-6).

Left twinkle, Right twinkle.
For styling, turn ¼ left on left twinkle and turn ¼ right on right twinkle to face new wall.
43-45Cross Lf over Rf (1), step Rf to side (2), step Lf next to Rf (3)
46-48Cross Rf over Lf (4), step Lf to side (5), step Rf next to Lf (6).

Easier option for the double turns: dance the first full turn to the left; cross Rf over Lf and point Lf.
Easiest option for the double turns: NO turns. Do 2 crosses and points. Cross Lf, point Rf; cross Rf, point Lf.

When using “Someone must feel like a fool”. No restart****
When using “Their hearts are dancing”: on 4th wall, dance the first 18 counts (the 2 lunges) and restart
When using “Feed the Birds” No restart


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