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Phrased Improver
Joran van der Noll (NL) - December 2019
Revoluton – Diplo ft. Faustix, Imanos, Kai
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Dance: 64 count: start A-A-A-A-rest 1 count-B-B-B-A-A-A-A-rest 1 count-TAG-B without sailor step-B-B-B-B-B

A1: Sweep and weave R-L, rock R-L
&Lf step forward
1Rf sweep from back to front
2Rf cross over Lf
&Lf step left
3Rf cross behind Lf with
&Lf sweep from front to back
4Lf cross behind Rf
&Rf step right
5Lf cross over Rf
&Rf weight back
6Lf step left
7Rf cross over Lf
&Lf weight back
8Rf step right

A2: Walk, cross step back, sway L-R
9Lf step forward
10Rf step forward
11Lf cross over Rf
&Rf step back
12Lf step diagonally back (facing 10:30)
13Rf cross over Lf
&Lf step back (facing 12:00)
14Rf step right, sway right
15Lf sway to left
16Rf sway to right
&Lf drag to Rf, end with weight on Lf

B1: Dorothy steps, full turn L
1Rf step forward in right diagonal
2Lf cross behind Rf
&Rf step slightly forward in right diagonal
3Lf step forward in left diagonal
4Rf cross behind Lf
&Lf step slightly forward in left diagonal
5Rf step right
6Lf cross behind Rf
7unwind with full turn Lf
8end full turn

B2: Knee bounce, speedboxing arms R-L
9Rf step right, bend both knees slightly
&straighten knees
10bend both knees slightly
&lift arms to eye-height
11Lf step next to Rf facing 10:30) left arm diagonal up
&right arm diagonal up, left arm back
12left arm diagonal up, right arm back
13LF step left, bend both knees slightly
&straigthen knees
14bend both knees slightly
&lift arms to eye-height
15Rf step next to Lf facing 2:30 - right arm diagonal up
&left arm diagonal up, right arm back
16left arm diagonal up, left arm back
& arms down

B3: Step touch, swivel in, bodyroll
17Rf step diagonal back, still facing 2:30
18Lf touch next to Rf
19Lf step diagonal back, facing 10:30
20Rf touch next to Lf
&Rf step right
21Lf step left
22turn toes in
&turn heels in
23turn toes in, feet are closed now
24bodyroll upwards

B4: Kick ball touch R-L, sailor steps R-L
25Rf kick forward
&Rf step forward
26Lf touch left
27Lf kick forward
&Lf step forward
28Rf touch right
29Rf step behind Lf
&Lf step left
30Rf step right
31Lf step behind Rf
&Rf step right
32Lf step left

1-2shake knees
3-4bodyroll upwards (feet closed)

Enjoy the dance!!! Questions:


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