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Adhex Yanti (INA) - September 2021
Rindu Aku Rindu Kamu - Akustikaria : (Cover)
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Intro 32C

Sect.1 Cross Rock, Recover, Chasse (R/L)
1-2Cross Rock RF over LF recover on LF
3&4Step RF to R next to LF beside RF, Step RF to R
5-6Cross Rock LF over RF recover on RF
7&8Step LF to L next to RF beside LF step LF to L

Sect.2 Pivot 1/2 turn L, Walk Forward (R/L), Botafogo
1-2Step RF forward 1/2 turn L, Step L in place
3-4Step RF forward, Step LF forward
5&6Cross RF over LF, Rock L ball to L, Recover onto RF
7&8Cross LF over RF, Rock R ball to R, Recover onto LF

Sect.3 Jazz Box 1/4 Turn R, Charleston
1-4Cross RF over LF, Step LF to back 1/4 turn R, Step RF to R, Step LF forward
5-8Step RF forward, Touch LF forward, Step LF to back, Touch RF to back

Sect.4 Kick Ball Change, Out-Out In-In
1&2Kick RF forward, Step L ball in place, Close RF next to LF
3&4Kick RF forward, Step L ball in place, Close RF next to LF
5-6Step RF forward diagonal, Step LF forward diagonal
7-8Step RF to back, Step LF next to RF

Restart on Wall 7 after 16C
Restart on Wall 11&12 after 28C

Happy dancing

Contact : Adhex Yanti (+6281367990499)


zaza.calisthenics September 15, 2021
Sukses selalau kaka👍

Adhex September 15, 2021
Mksih Zaza....cuz mainkn 😍

Yanni September 15, 2021

ILDI Sumsel September 15, 2021
Terus berkarya🥰🥰🥰🥰

Reina Dewiana September 20, 2021
Sukses ya

mamai September 20, 2021
Sukses ya say
Vote 12❤️😘💐💃
Helma Nur 💐

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