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Alexis Chavez (USA) & Sabrina Schneider (USA) - October 2021
Rodeo - Lenny Cooper
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[1-8] Walk x 2, Out, out, in, cross, ¼ turn right, ½ turn right, step, touch
1,2 Walk forward RF, LF
&3&4 RF steps out to right, LF steps out to left, RF steps in to LF, LF crosses over RF
5, 6 Step RF ¼ turn to the R, step LF ½ back to the R
7, 8 Step RF back, touch L toe down

[9-16] Step, Drag, ½ turn R, Triple step LRL, Body roll
1, 2 LF big step forward, RF drags to meet LF and shift weight on 2
3, 4 Left step forward; ½ turn R shifting weight forward to RF
5&6 Triple step forward LF, RF, LF (keeping LF in front)
7, 8 Body roll for 2 count shifting weight back to RF

[17-24] Kick and touch x2, Stomp x2, Hip roll
&1&2 Step LF next to RF, kick RF front, step RF next to LF, touch LF to L side
3&4 Kick LF front, step LF down, touch RF to the R
5, 6 Stomp RF, stomp LF
7, 8 Roll hips for 2 counts

[25-32] Sailor step x2, paddle turn
1&2 Step RF crossed behind LF, step LF next to RF, step RF to the R
3&4 Step LF crossed behind RF, step RF next to LF, step LF to the L
5, 6, 7, 8 Paddle RF 4x full turn to the L



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