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Roller Coaster, You

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Michelle Wright (USA) - September 2021
Roller Coaster - Omi
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Section 1: L&R syncopated cross rocks Cross,¼ turn back, ⅛ turning Coaster step
1,2& Cross L over R, recover on R, Step L next to R
3,4& Cross R over L, Recover on L, Step R next to L
5,6 Cross L over R,¼ turn L stepping back R (9:00)
7&8 Step back L, step R next to L, ⅛ turn Stepping L Forward on L diagonal (7:30)

Section 2: R crossing shuffle ,½ L crossing shuffle, side rock, recover, together, Point, together, touch
1&2 Cross R over L , Step L to L side, Cross R over L (squaring back up to 9:00)
3&4 ½ turn L Crossing L over R, step R to R side, cross L over R (3:00)
5,6Step R to R side, Recover L
&7&8 Step R next to L, point L toe to L side, Step L next to R, Touch R next to L

Section 3: Syncopated forward rocks, ½ turn, ½ turn, L coaster step
1,2& Rock forward R, Recover on L, step R next to L
3,4Step L forward, recover weight on R,
5,6 ½ turn L stepping forward L, ½ turn L step back R
7&8Step L back, step R next to L, step forward L (3:00)
Option for No turn for 5,6: walk back LR

Section 4: ¼ hip bumps x2, Rock Recover, Quick back touches
1&2 ¼ turn L touching R to R side as you bump hip R, Bump Hip L, Bump hip R as you step on R (12:00)
3&4 ¼ turn L touching forward as you bump hip L, Bump hip R, Bump Hip L as you step on L (9:00)
5,6 Step forward R, Recover on L
&7&8& Step R back, Touch ball of L beside R ,Step L back,Touch ball of R beside, Step R next to L

End of Dance!

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lapu September 12, 2021
Really nice one Michelle. Anna

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