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Rote Rose

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Tina Chen Sue-Huei(Jan, 2017)
Rote rosen schenk ich dir auf La Palma - Calimeros
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“I Will Give You Red Roses On La Palma” by - Calimeros

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Start to dance after 32 Counts

SI. Fwd Walk & Kick Out, Back Walk & Touch
1-4Fwd Walk On RLR & Kick Out On L
5-8Back Walk On LRL & Touch R Beside L

SII. Side Together Side Touch, Side Together, 1/4 turn L, hold
1-4Side Step R, Together Step L, Side Step R, Side Touch Out On L
5-8Step L in place, Together Step R, 1/4 turn L stepping L fwd, hold

SIII. Sweep R cross L, Step Down, Back, Diagonally Back & Touch, Rocking L-R-L-R
1-4Sweep R Across L …(9.00), Back Step On L, Step diagonally back on R, Touch L Toes In Front Of R
5-8Rock Onto L, Rock Back On R, Rock Fwd On L, Rock Back On R

SIV. Step Down, Side Behind, ¼ R Fwd ½ R Fwd Touch
1-4Step Down On L, Side Step R (9.00), Step L Behind R, ¼ R Fwd Step R… (12.00)
5-8Fwd Step L, ½ R Fwd Step R, Fwd Step L & Touch R Beside L …..(6.00)

SV. (Diag Fwd Step Lock StepTouch)*2
1-4Diag R Fwd Step R, Lock L behind R, Fwd Step R, Touch L Beside R
5-8Diag L Fwd Step L, Lock R behind L, Fwd Step L, Touch R Beside L

SVI. (Back Touch)*3, 1/4 L Touch
1-4Back Step R, Touch L Beside R, Back Step On L, Touch R Beside L
5-8Back Step R, Touch L Beside R, 1/4 L Side Step L, Touch R Beside L

SVII. Box Steps, Hold
1-4Side Step R, Together Step L, Fwd Step R, Touch L Beside R
5-8Side Step L, Together Step R, Back Step L, Hold (8)

SVIII. Back Rock, Recover, 1/2 Turn L, Hold, Back Rock, Recover, Touch
1-4Back Rock R (look back), recover onto L, Make a 1/2 turn L stepping R fwd, hold
5-8Back Rock L, recover onto R, step L fwd, touch R beside L

Happy Dancing!

( 02:25:22)


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