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Royale Deluxe

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Rhoda Lai (CAN) - September 2021
Royale Deluxe - Outasight
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Intro: 19 counts (10 seconds)
Restart after 32 counts on Wall 4 (12:00), Wall 5 (9:00), Wall 7 (3:00)
Sequence: 40, 40, 40, 32, 32, 40, 32, 32

S1: R Forward Pivot ¼ L, R Cross Shuffle, L Side Touch Side, L Behind ¼ R Forward
1 2Step R forward, pivot ¼ L (9:00)
3&4Cross R over L, step on ball of L to the L, cross R over L
5&6Step L to L side, touch R beside L, step R to R side
7&8Step L behind R, ¼ R stepping R forward, step L forward (12:00)

S2: Charleston Steps R L, R Forward Pivot ½ L, R Forward Pivot ¼ L, R Forward
1234Kick R forward, step R back, touch L back, step L forward
56Step R forward, pivot ½ L
7&8Step R forward, pivot ¼ L, step R slightly forward (3:00)

S3: Hip Bumps L R L R L R L for ½ R, R Back Rock Step, L Back Rock Step
Styling option: Place both fists on hips on counts 1-4
1&Step L slightly forward bumping L hip, recover onto R and bumping R hip to make a gradual ½ R over 4 counts
2&3&Repeat counts 1& twice
4Bump hip to the L stepping L to the side to finish the ½ R (9:00)
5&6Rock back on R, recover onto L, step R to R forward diagonal
7&8Rock back on L, recover onto R, step L to L forward diagonal

S4: R Touch turn X3 for ½ L, R Step Forward, L Forward Pivot 1/2 R, L Shuffle Forward
Styling option: Push both hands up on count 1, 2, 3, 4
1&Touch R forward, recover onto L hitching R to make a gradual ½ L over 4 counts
2&3&Repeat counts 1& twice
4Step R forward to finish the ½ L (3:00)
56Step L forward, pivot ½ R
7&8Step L forward, step R behind L, step L forward (9:00)

S5: Walk R L, R Forward Mambo, Curvy Walk L R for ½ L, Run L R L for ½ L
1 2Walk forward R, walk forward L
3&4Rock forward R, recover onto L, step R back
5 6¼ L stepping L forward, ¼ L stepping R forward (3:00)
7&8Continue with another ½ L running L, R, L (9:00)
Easy option for 5678 Back L R, L Coaster Step
5 6Step back L, R
7&8Step back L, step R next to L, step forward L
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DeaO October 30, 2021
Love cool 👍👍🤩🤩

Rhoda Lai October 31, 2021
Thank you so much for enjoying it!

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