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Rude Dude
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David Ackerman – March 2018
Church by T-Pain feat. Teddy Verseti (Clean Version - Step Up 2 The Streets soundtrack)
Intro: 64 counts

[1-8] Press R, Press L, Behind Side Forward, Hold, Lock Step
1&2Press R to right side, Recover L, Step R next to L
3&4Press L to left side, Recover R, Step L next to R
5&6Step R behind L, Step L to left side, Step R forward
7 &8Hold, Lock L behind R (&), Step R forward

[9-16] Step Hitch, Back Hitch, ½ Hitch, Step Hitch
1,2Step L forward, Hitch R knee up
3,4Step R back, Hitch L knee up
5,6Make a ½ turn left stepping L forward (6:00), Hitch R knee up
7,8Step R forward, Hitch L knee up

[17-24] Rib Cage, ¼ turn with hook, Step, ¼ turn Scuff and Hitch, Side
1,2,3,4Step L to left side (split weight) pushing rib cage to the left, Push rib cage to right side, Make a ¼ turn right shifting weight to L (9:00), Hook R in front of L (Do the easy option arms to assist with the movement and emphasize the rib cage)
*Easy Option for 1-4: Instead of using the rib cage keeping the feet the same you will give the illusion by using your arm. Arm up with elbow bent pull elbow to the side so fist is in front of R chest (1), Punch first across body to to left side (2), Swing the arm keeping it straight from L to R like you are stirring a large pot as you make the ¼ turn (3), Pull the arm in as you hook the R (4)
5,6Step R forward, Make a ¼ turn right scuffing left foot (12:00)
7,8Hitch L knee up, Make a large step L to left side

[25-32] Drag, Swivels (Heel-Toe-Heel, ¼ Turn Heel-Toe-Heel) ¼ Turn with flick
1,2,3,4Drag R foot next to L, Swivel both heels to the right, Swivel both toes right, Swivel both heels right
5,6,7,8Make a ¼ turn left stepping left as you swivel heels left (9:00), Swivel toes left, Swivel heels left, Make a ¼ turn left as you flick the right foot back
**Restart here on wall 2 facing 12:00 and 5 facing 6:00

[33-40] Wizards RL, ½ Turn with Heel bounces, Hook
1,2&Step R forward on a slight angle, Lock L behind R, Step R forward
3,4&Step L forward on a slight angle, Lock R behind L, Step L forward
5&6&Step R forward, Lift both heels up, Make a ¼ turn left and bringing both heels down (3:00), Left both heels up
7&8Make an ⅛ turn left bringing both heels down (1:30), Lift both heels up, Make an ⅛ turn left bringing right heel down as you hook L in front of R (12:00)

[41-48] Step, Scuff, Out-Out, Hold, Knee Pop x2, Sailor L
1,2&3,4Step L forward, Scuff R foot (2), Step R to right side (&), Step L to left side (3), Hold (4)
5&6&Pop knees forward lifting heels, Bring heels down straightening legs, Pop knees forward lifting heels, Bring heels down straightening legs shifting weight to R
7&8Step L behind R, Step R to right side, Step L to left side

[49-56] Behind, Full Turn Unwind, Side, Behind ½ Unwind, Body Roll Down
1,2-4Cross R behind L, Unwind R a full turn slowly over 3 counts shifting weight to R (12:00)
&5-6Step L to left side with only the ball of the foot, Cross R Behind L, Unwind ½ turn right (6:00)
7-8Body roll (Stick chest out (7), Suck belly in (&), Sit slightly (8))

[57-64] Back, Hitch with Clap, Back, Hitch with Clap, Walk Back 4 with shoulder rolls.
1,2Step R back on a slight angle, Bring L knee up as you clap
3,4Step L back on a slight angle, Bring R knee up as you clap
5,6,7,8Step R back, Step L back, Step R back, Step L back (Styling: As you walk back lean slightly back. Put both hands out in front in fists with a slight bend in the elbow. Whatever foot is stepping the shoulder will roll up and back)

**Restarts: Wall 2 facing 12:00 and Wall 5 facing 5:00

Contact: daveackerman2@gmail.com

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