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Diana Liang – September 2018
Yi Lu Ben Pao by Liying LI
Intro – 48 counts
Sequence: 56, 56, 40(S2-S6), 40(S2-S6), 56, 56, 40(S2-S6), 40(S2-S6), Ending 24

S1: Rock Recover, 1/2 RT Pivot Lf Back, Foward,1/2 RT Lf Shuffle Back, Hold
12Lf back rock on 1, recover on Rf on 2,
341/2 RT Lf rock back on 3, recover on Lf on 4, 600
561/4 RT Lf side on 5, 1/4 RT Rf lock front on 6,
78Lf back on 7, hold on 8, 1200

S2: Rf Coaster Step, Hold, Ball Run x 4
12Rf back on 1, Lf together on 2,
34Rf forward on 3, hold on 4
56Lf ball forward on 5, Rf ball forward on 6,
78Lf ball forward on 7, Rf ball forward on 8

S3: Touch Forward/Home, Touch Back/Home, Swing, Forward, ¼ LT, Hip
12Lf touch forward on 1, Lf next to Rf on 2
34Rf touch back on 3, Rf next to Lf on 4
(Arms: R arm swing to front and L arm to side on1/3, L arm swing to front and R arm to side on 2/4)
56Lf swing up front on 5, Lf step forward on 6,
(Arms: R arm up in the air while L arm side up level to ground on 5, L arm down beside left leg, R arm elbow drop down with palm facing front & shoulder height)
781/4 LT Rf side on 7, Rf hip out to R and Lf knee bent on 8, 900
(Arms: R elbow side up while R forearm open from front to side on 7, R hand on waist on 8)

S4: Walks with Turns
12341/4 LT Lf forward on 1, Rf forward on 2, 1/4 RT Lf side on 3, 1/4 RT Rf back on 4, 1200
56781/4 LT Lf side on 5, 1/4 LT Rf forward on 6, 1/2 pivot LT on Lf on 7, Rf forward on 8, 1200

S5: (Side, ¼ RT Together, Forward LR) x 2
12Lf side on 1, 1/4 RT Rf together on 2,
34walk L on 3, walk R on 4
5678= 1234, 600

S6: Side, ¼ RT Together, Forward, Hold, Rock Recover (side / back)
12Lf side on 1, 1/4 RT Rf together on 2,
34Lf forward on 3, hold on 4, 900
56Rf rock side on 5, recover on Lf on 6,
78Rf back rock on 7, recover on Lf on 8
(on W4 & W8, please hold the count 8 of S6 to keep weight on Rf for restarting W5 & W9 from S1 )

S7: V-Step, Heels Out RL
12Rf diagonal out on 1, Lf diagonal out on 2
34Rf home on 3, Lf home on 4
56Heels out to R with R arm up/wave to R on 56,
78Heels out to L and R arm wave to L on 7, heels out to R and R arm wave to R on 8, weight on Rf.
(on W2 & W6, please use both the counts of 7and 8 to do the count of 7 of S7; ends with weight on Lf in order to restart the W3 & W7 from S2 on Lyric of“一路奔跑 Yi Lu Ben Pao”)

Ending: 24 counts on wall 9, please change the counts of 7 and 8 of S3 to below:
7Rf side point on 7 while weighting on Lf,
8Weight to R while Lf knee bent touch on 8 (R arm diagonal forward up with thumb up, following the slowing tempo of the music and finish the dance)

Thanks and happy dancing!

Contact: procankm@hotmail.com

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