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Running On High

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Ria Vos (NL) - November 2021
Ran into You (feat. Trisha Yearwood) - Mitch Rossell
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Intro: 16 Counts

Basic NC R, ¼ R, ½ R, Step Pivot ¼ R, 1/8 R Step Fwd w/Sweep, Cross, 1/8 R Side, Rock Back, ¼ L, ½ L
1-2&Step R to R Side, Step L Behind R, Cross R Slightly over L
3&¼ Turn R Step Back on L, ½ Turn R Step Fwd on R (9:00)
4&Step Fwd on L, Pivot ¼ Turn R (12:00)
51/8 Turn R Step Fwd on L Sweeping R from Back to Front (1:30)
6&Step R Fwd and Slightly Crossed Over L, 1/8 Turn R Step L to L Side (3:00)
7&Rock Back on R, Recover on L
8&¼ Turn L Step Back on R, ½ Turn L Step Fwd on L (6:00)

Prissy Walk x2, Rocking Chair, Lunge R, Full Turn L, Side, Touch, Side, Touch
1-2Step R Fwd Slightly Crossed over L, Step L Fwd Sightly Crossed over R
3&4&Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L, Rock Back on R, Recover on L ***Restart Wall 3
5Step and Lunge R to R Side
6&¼ Turn L Step Fwd on L, ½ Turn L Step Back on R (9:00)
7&¼ Turn L Step L to L Side, Touch R Next to L (6:00)
8&Step R to R Side, Touch L Next to R

Side, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, ¼ R, ½ R, ¼ R Side w/ Sweep, Weave R, Sweep, Behind, ¼ L
1-2&Step L to L Side, Step R Behind L, Step L to L Side
3&Cross Rock R Over L, Recover on L
4&¼ Turn R Step Fwd on R, ½ Turn R Step Back on L (3:00) ***Restart Wall 6
5¼ Turn R Step R to R Side Sweeping L in Front (6:00)
6&7Cross L Over R, Step R to R Side, Step L Behind R Sweeping R from Front to Back
8&Step R Behind L, ¼ Turn L Step Fwd on L (3:00)

Diagonal R Step Lock Step, Diagonal L Step Lock Step, 1/8 L Rock Fwd, Slide Back, Coaster Step, Step Pivot 5/8 L
1&2Step R Fwd to R Diagonal, Lock L Behind R, Step R Fwd to R Diagonal
&3&Step L Fwd to L Diagonal, Lock R Behind L, Step L Fwd to L Diagonal
4&Stay on L Diagonal (so this is 1/8 Turn L) Rock Fwd on R Recover on L (1:30)
5Step R Big Step Back Dragging L Towards R
6&7Step Back on L, Step R Next to L, Step Fwd on L
8&Step Fwd on R, Pivot 5/8 Turn L (6:00)

On wall 3 After Count 12& (6:00), On wall 6 After Count 20& Turn your ¼ Turn R to complete the Full Turn R to Start again with Count 1 (12:00)


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