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Russian Roulette
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Simon Ward & Kate Simpkin, AU - Aug 2016
Trust You, By Rob Thomas, Album: Trust You - Single, iTunes - 3:07
Notes: Restart on Wall 9 after count 20. Start dance on vocals (16 count intro)

[1-8] Jazz box traveling slightly back x 2, Cross/step R chasse
1-2Cross/step right over left, Step left slightly back on left diagonal
3-4Step right slightly back on right diagonal, Cross/step left over right
5-6Step right slightly back on right diagonal, Step left back slightly on left diagonal
7&8Cross/step right over left, Step left slightly to left side, Cross/step right over left 12.00

[9-16] Rock L, Recover, Cross/step L, ¼ L, ¼ L, Touch R beside L, R kick ball cross
1-2Rock/step left to left side, Recover weight onto right
3-4Cross/step left over right, Step right to right side turning ¼ turn left 9.00
5-6Turn a further ¼ turn left & step left slightly to left side 6.00, Touch right beside left
7&8Kick right foot forward, Step right beside left, Cross/step left over right slightly 6.00

[17-24] Hop/step R, Touch L, Hold, Hop/step L, Touch R, Hold, Rock R, Recover L, R sailor step
&1-2Hop/step right to right diagonal, Touch left beside right, Hold
&3-4Hop/step left to left diagonal, Touch right beside left, Hold **RESTART WALL 9**
(Optional Styling: Little bounces on the holds and snap fingers)
5-6Rock/step right to right side & slightly back, Recover weight onto left (travel slightly back)
7&8Step right behind left, Step left slightly to left side, Recover weight on right (sailor step) 6.00

[25-32] L sailor step ¼ turn L, R shuffle fwd, ½ turn R shuffle L back, ½ turn R stepping R fwd, Jump fwd
1&2Step left behind right, step right slightly to right, Step onto left turning ¼ turn left 3.00
3&4Step right forward, step left beside right, Step right forward
&5&6Make a ½ turn right on right, Step left slightly back, Step right beside left, Step left slightly back 9.00
&7-8Make a ½ turn right on left, Step right forward, Slight jump feet together & slightly forward 3.00
(Optional: Take ½ turns out of shuffles and replace jump with step left together)


**Restart**: On Wall 9 after count 20 you will restart dance after a break in the music. (Facing back wall)
Substitute counts 17-20 with:
&17-20: Step right slightly to right, Step left slightly to left, Hold, Hold, Hold
(hands go out to the sides, palms facing down, bounce heels on holds as an option)

Ending: Finish dance on count 32 at 3.00, Point left index finger to front wall looking to front.

Styling Note: Dance has an East Coast Swing feel. Allow your body to sway in the direction of your triple steps, which should be nice and tight & up on your toes, also make the full count steps slightly bigger. Enjoy

Contacts: Simon bellychops@hotmail.com - Kate simpkin2@bigpond.net.au

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