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Safe in These Arms

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Intermediate NC2S
Dee Musk (UK) & Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - August 2017
Run to You - Lea Michele : (Album: Places)
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#8 Slow Count Intro – Approx 14 seconds - Track Approx 3 mins 39 secs. BPM 64
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Press Sweep, Back, ½ Turn Right, Step L with Full Spiral Turn Right, Run R, L, Step Right, Pivot ¼ Turn Left, Right Cross Side Rock, Left Cross Side Rock.
&1,2&Press forward on L, recover and sweep left to behind R, step back on L, make ½ turn R stepping forward on R.
3Step forward on L, unwind a full turn R hooking R in front of L.
4&Run forward R, L.
5,6Step forward on R, pivot ¼ turn L.
&7&Cross R over L, rock L to L side, recover weight to R.
8&1Cross L over R, rock R to R side, recover weight to L. (3 o’clock).
Cross Side, Back Rock, Recover, ½ Turn Left, Back Rock, Recover, Full Turn Right, Chase ½ Turn Right.
2&Cross R over L, step L to L side.
3,4Facing 4.30 rock back on R, recover weight to L.
&5,6Make ½ turn L stepping back on R facing 10.30, rock back on L, recover weight to R.
&7Travelling forward make ½ turn R stepping back on L, make ½ turn R stepping forward on R.
&8&Step forward on L, make ½ turn R facing 4.30, step forward on L. (4.30 o’clock).
Walk Right, Left, Right, Step L, Pivot ½ Turn Right, ½ Turn R Sweep Right, Back Sweep, Back Hitch Right, Behind ¼ Turn Left.
1,2,3Walk forward R, L, R. (4.30).
4&Step forward on L, make ½ turn R. (10.30).
5,6,7Make ½ turn R stepping back on L and sweep R to behind L, step back on R sweeping L to behind R, step back on L and hitch R knee squaring up to 6 o’clock wall.
8&Cross step R behind L, make ¼ turn L stepping forward on L. (3 o’clock).
¼ Turn Left with Basic Nightclub Right, ¼ Turn Right Close, Cross, Sway Right, Sway Left with Drag, Curved Run-around ½ Turn Right.
1,2&Make ¼ turn L stepping R to R side, step L slightly behind R, cross R over L.
3,4&Make ¼ turn R stepping back on L, close R beside L, cross L over R.
5,6Sway R, sway L dragging R to beside L keeping weight on L.
7&8Turning ½ curved turn R, run R, L, R. (9 o’clock).
Relax and Enjoy
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Bettan September 20, 2017
Love it!

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