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Samba Del Fuego

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Intermediate - Samba Rhythm
Gordon Timms (UK) - November 2012
'Sambe Del Fuego' by John Cortese (Original composition…not available commercially)
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Musical introduction…24 Counts.

Note: International Ballroom Samba Rhythm throughout. Take smaller steps and feel the Latin Rhythm.

SECTION 1: Samba Walks, Step, Lock Step and Step, Pivot ½ Turn Step, Hook, Step Lock Step.
1 - 2Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left. (One foot in front of other, and
3 & 4Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward. WOR
5 - 6Step Forward Left pivot ½ turn right(5) Hook Right toe across Left Instep.(6) 6.00
7 & 8Step Right forward, Lock Left behind Right, Step Right Forward. WOR - Faces: 6:00

SECTION 2: Half Turn and Side, Diagonal Right ‘Volta’, Half Turn and Side, Diagonal Left ‘Volta’.
1 - 2Turning ½ turn right step back on left, Step right to right side. 12.00
3 a 4On a slightly forward diagonal, Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross Left over Right WOL
5 - 6Turning ½ turn left step back on right, Step left to left side. 6.00
7 a 8On a slightly forward diagonal, Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right over left. WOR - Faces: 6.00

SECTION 3: ‘Boto Fogos’ to the Right and Left, Step to Side Quarter Turn, Rondé, Behind, Side & Cross.
1 a 2Rock left out to left side, recover on to right, travelling slightly forward cross left over right. 6.00
3 a 4Rock right out to right side, recover on to left, travelling slightly forward cross right over left. WOL
5 - 6Turning quarter turn right, step Left to Left side (5) sweep right out and around…ready to(6) 9.00
7 & 8Step right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over the left. WOR - Faces: 9.00

SECTION 4: Two low flicks, Behind Side Cross, Step, Touch, Low Kick Across, Side Step, & Touch.
1 - 2With the left foot, flick it twice (forward) on the left diagonal (1)(2) keeping the toe down!!
3 & 4Step left behind right, step right to right side, cross step left over right. WOL
5 - 6Step right to right side, touch left toe next to right instep. WOR
7 a 8Low kick forward on left over right, long step left to left side, touch right foot next to left. WOL - Faces: 9.00

FINISH: As the music fades… (Wall 8) you will be facing the 12.00 wall…. Hopefully!

Acknowledgement:: My extreme thanks go to my friend JOHN CORTESE the composer of this beautiful piece of music for giving me permission to use it in my choreography.


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Willy November 12, 2012
What is the point of posting this dance if the music is not available ?

gabby November 12, 2012
You can get the music from the choreographer and/or the trouble? Just ask?

See gee November 13, 2012

another beautiful dance and music

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