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Same To You

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Yvonne Anderson (SCO) & José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - June 2016
Same To You - Melody Gardot
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Intro: 32 counts

[1-8] Step, Cross-Rock Side, Diamond 1/4 Turn X 2, Rock Forward, Recover, Step-Flick
1Step to left diagonal on left [11.30]
2&3Cross right over left – Step to left on left and recover on right [squaring up to 12.00]
4&5Cross left over right – 1/8 turn left / step back on right and 1/8 turn left / step left to left (9:00)
6&7Cross right behind left - 1/8 turn left / step forward on left and 1/8 turn left / step forward on right (6:00)
8&1Rock forward on left – Recover on right and step forward on left / flick right back

[9-16] Step, ½ Sweep Turn L, Side, Behind-Side-Cross, Rock Side, Behind-¼ Turn L-Step,
2-3Step right forward...1/2 turn left sweeping L around [12]
4&5Cross left behind right – Step right to right and cross left over right [12.00]
6-7Rock right to right – Recover on left [12.00]
8&1Cross right behind left – ¼ turn left, step forward on left and step forward on right (9:00)

[17-32] ½ Turn R, ½ Turn R, ¼ Turn R/Point, ½ Sweep Turn L, Sailor Step, Kick-Ball-Step
2-3½ turn r / step back on left - ½ turn r / step forward on right [9.00]
4-5¼ turn r / point left to left - ½ turn l /sweep left foot back (6:00)
6&7Cross left behind right – Step to right on right and to left on left
8&1Kick right foot forward – Step right next to left and step forward on left [6.00]

Toe Strut Forward, ¼ Turn L/Toe Strut Forward, ½ Walk Around Turn L
2-3Touch right toe forward – Drop right heel
4-5¼ turn left / touch left toe forward (3:00) – Drop left heel
6- (1)3 steps forward on a ½ circle left (R – L – R) (9.00) – (Step to left diagonal on left)


Last Update - 18th July 2016


Pismo July 17, 2016
what a shame about this very confusing step sheet, because I might like the dance if I could understand the directions.

YA Dancer July 19, 2016
where are you confused Pismo? There is a teach video....maybe you cant access me and I will try to help x

Happy Feeet July 27, 2016
Very cool music to a fun, well choreographed routine. Mahalo to Yvonne and Jose.

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