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Terry Hogan (AUS) - July 2008
Laid Back 'n Low Key (Cay) - Alan Jackson : (CD: Good Time)
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Side Left, Hold, Rock Behind Right, Replace Left, Side Right, Hold, Rock Behind Left, Replace Right
1-2 Long slide/step side left, hold allowing right foot to slide toward left
3-4 Cross-rock right behind left, recover onto left
5-6 Long slide/step side right, hold allowing left foot to slide toward right
7-8 Cross-rock left behind right, recover onto right

Side Left, Diagonal Back Right, Cross Left, Side Right, Diagonal Back Left, Cross Right Side Left ¼ Right, ¼ Right Forward Right
1-3 Step side left, step backward on diagonal right, cross left over right
4-6 Step side right, step backward on diagonal left, cross right over left

Allow body to turn naturally toward diagonal on 'diagonal' steps 2,3 & 5,6
7 Step side left and make ¼ turn right - to face 3:00 wall
8 Make ¼ turn right and step forward right - facing back wall

Forward Left, Hold, Rock Forward Right, Replace Left, Back Right, Hold, Rock Back Left Replace Right
1-4 Step forward left, hold, rock-step forward right, recover back onto left
5-8 Step back right, hold, rock-step back left, recover right forward

Forward Left, ¼ Right, Forward Left, ¼ Right, Forward Left, ¼ Right, Forward Left, Forward Right
1-2 Small step forward left, make ¼ pivot turn right onto right
3-6 Repeat above turn twice facing 3:00 wall

Allow the right foot to remain in place on these turns and add hip sways left then right on each turn
7-8 Step forward left, right



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