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Saturday Feelin!
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Higher Intermediate
Set me off by the Saturdays from their album "Chasing Lights"
(Start on main vocals)

(1-8) Walk right, left, touch out cross, ½ turn touch out cross
1-2 Walk forward right, left (Facing 12:00)
&3-4 Step right beside left, touch left to left side, cross left over right
5-6 Make ¼ turn left step back right, make ¼ turn left step left beside right
7-8 Touch right to right side, cross right over left (Facing 6:00)

(9-16) Side rock, behind, side cross, side switches, side rock
1-2 Rock left to left side, recover weight on right
3&4 Step left behind right, step right to right, cross left over right
5&6& Touch right to right side, switch and touch left to left side, step left beside right
7-8 Rock right to right side, recover weight on left**

(17-24) Cross over, ¼ turn, ¾ shuffle, side together, cross, over side
1-2 Cross right over left, make ¼ turn right step back left (Facing 9:00)
3&4 Making ¾ turn right do a triple step right, left, right
5-6 Step left to left side, close right beside left
7-8 Cross left over right, step right to right side (Facing 6:00)

(25-32) Sailor ½ turn, step ½ turn, step ½ turn
1&2 Sailor step ½ turn left stepping left, right, left (Facing 12:00)
3-4-5 Step right forward, ½ turn left, step right forward (Facing 6:00)
6-7-8 Step left forward, ½ turn right, step left forward (Facing 12:00)

(33-40) Kick, bump back, forward pop knee, ¼ turn pop knee, full turn with sailor step
1-2 Kick right forward, step right back bump your bottom back as you pop left knee forward
3-4 Put weight down on your left pop right knee forward, make ¼ turn right step right to side and pop left knee beside right. (Facing 3:00)
5-6 Make ¼ turn left stepping left forward, make ½ turn left stepping back right
7&8 Sailor step ¼ turn left stepping left, right, left (Facing 3:00)

(41-48) Hitch touch back, ¼ turn hitch, touch side, sailor step, behind, left foot side
1-2 Hitch right knee, touch right toe back
3-4 Make ¼ turn right as you hitch right knee, step right to right side (Facing 6:00)
5&6 Left sailor step, stepping left right, left
7-8 Step right behind left, step left to left side*

(49-54) Step right forward, hold, ½ turn hold, walk forward right left, bounce ½ turn
1-2 Step right forward, HOLD
3-4 Make ½ turn left, HOLD (Facing 12:00)
5-6 Walk forward right, left
7&8 Bounce heels ½ turn right ending with weight back on left foot (Facing 6:00)

(55-64) Back heel, Side touch, rolling vine full turn right
1-2 Step right back, touch left heel forward
3-4 Step left in place, touch right to right side
5-8 Step right ¼ turn right, make ½ turn right stepping left back, make ¼ turn right stepping right to right side, Step left foot forward (Facing 6:00)


When dancing this dance you will have 2 restarts and 1 tag

*1st restart with no tag is on wall 2 restart after count 48 facing 12:00 wall
**2nd restart with tag is on wall 5 when you get to count 16 add a 4 count “Right Jazz Box” and restart dance from 6:00 wall

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