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Save You

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Beginner NC2S
Kim Lillskog (SWE) - October 2016
Save You - Matthew Perryman Jones : (Album: Until The Dawn Appears)
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Notes: The beats in Save Your fade from time to time, keep dancing, time it with the lyrics and don't rush it!
The beat will kick back in when you start the dance again. Or use a nightclub-track of your choice.
The dance was made with the intention to use it as a floor split.

Basic nightclub x2, sways, run forward
1-2&Step R to R, close L behind R, cross R over L
3-4&Step L to L, close R behind L, cross L over R
5-6&Sway R stepping R to R, Sway L, R
7-8&Sway L, run forward R, L

Step, step ½ turn, step, sweep, cross-side-behind, sweep, behind-side-cross, side, cross
1-2&Step forward R, step forward L, turn ½ R (weight on R)
3-4&Step forward L sweeping R from back to front, cross R over L, step L to L
5-6&Step R behind L sweeping L from front to back, step L behind R, step R to R
7-8&Cross L over R, step R to R, cross L over R

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