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Say Geronimo

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Ria Vos (NL) - August 2014
Geronimo - Sheppard : (Single - International version)
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Intro: 16 Counts from first beat

Kick & Side Point, Up/Down (with R Shoulder Push) ¼ L, ¼ L Point, Cross, Point
1&2Kick R Fwd, Step R Next to L, Point L to L Side (dip down, R shoulder slightly back)
3-4Push R Shoulder Fwd -come Up, angle body L), dip down again with R shoulder back
5-6¼ Turn L Step Fwd on L, ¼ Turn L on L foot Point R to R Side
7-8Cross R Over L, Point L to L Side

Kick & Back Point, Down/Up (with R Shoulder Pull) Recover, ½ R, ½ R, ¼ R Chasse
1&2Kick L Fwd, Step L Next to R, Point R Back (R shoulder slightly forward)
3-4Rock Back on R (dip down, Pull R shoulder back), Recover on L with R shoulder Fwd
5-6½ Turn R Step Fwd on R, ½ Turn R Step Back on L
7&8¼ Turn R Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R, Step R to R Side

Cross Rock, ¼ L, ¼ L, Behind, ¼ R, Step Pivot ½ R
1-2Cross Rock L Over R, Recover on R
3-4¼ Turn L Step Fwd on L, ¼ Turn L Step R to R Side
5-6Step L Behind R, ¼ Turn R Step Fwd on R
7-8Step Fwd on L, Pivot ½ Turn R

Step Fwd, Hold, & Step Fwd, Scuff, R Jazzbox
1-2Step L Fwd (slightly to L Diagonal), Hold
&3-4Lock R Behind L, Step Fwd on L, Scuff R Next to L
5-6Cross R Over L, Step Back on L
7-8Step R to R Side, Step L Fwd (slightly Crossed) ***Restart Point

Side, Hold, & Side Point, ¼ R Hook, R Shuffle Fwd, Step Pivot ½ R
1-2Step R to R Side, Hold
&3-4Step L Next to R, Point R to R Side, ¼ Turn R Hook R Across L
5&6Shuffle Fwd Stepping R-L-R
7-8Step Fwd on L, Pivot ½ Turn R

Toe Strut Fwd, Full Turn L, Step Fwd, Hold & Step Fwd, Scuff
1-2Step on L Toe Fwd, Lower L Heel
3-4½ Turn L Step Back on R, ½ Turn L Step Fwd on L (option: walk fwd R-L)
5-6Step Fwd on R, Hold
&7-8Lock L Behind R, Step Fwd on R, Scuff L Next to R

Cross, Back, Back, Cross, Back, ½ R, Step Pivot ¼ R
1-2Cross L Over R, Step Back on R (slightly to R Diagonal)
3-4Step Back on L (slightly to L Diagonal), Cross R Over L
5-6Step Back on L, ½ Turn R Step Fwd on R
7-8Step Fwd on L, Pivot ¼ Turn R

Cross, Hold, & Cross, Diagonal Kick, Behind, Hold, & Cross, Side
1-2Cross L Over R, Hold
&3-4Step R to R Side, Cross L Over R, Kick R to R Diagonal
5-6Step R Behind L, Hold
&7-8Step L to L Side, Cross R Over L, Step L to L Side

Restart: After 32 counts on wall 2 (6:00)

Tag: After wall 6 (6:00)
1-4Cross R Over L, Sweep L from Back to Front, Cross L Over R, Step R to R Side
5-8Step L Behind R, Sweep R from Front to Back, Step R Behind L, Step L to L Side



lorna August 12, 2014
Great music

jennifer182 August 14, 2014
Yes the music is great but we need a video showing the shoulder miovements!

Karen2 September 14, 2014
Can't see any of them in NZ. We need a video of a walk through without the music.

pinklady September 16, 2014

why are we in Australia not allowed to see the demo - it would be most helpful as it is nice dance

Lengti September 17, 2014
Agreed with Pinklady. Why are we in Australia not allowed to see the demo and the music is great?

Karen2 September 17, 2014
It will just be copyright issues. Would be nice if they still let us see it, since the copyright is only on the music. But they sure sell more of the music if we can see it, hear it and learn the dance!

TigerLilyTim September 18, 2014
Great it..really fits the beat of the music. :-)

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