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Eun Hee Yoon (KOR) & Shin-Ae Choi (KOR) - August 2020
Say So - Doja Cat
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Intro: 16 - No Tag, No Start

Sec.1) R Side, L Behind, R Together, L Heel, L Together, R Cross, L Side, 1/4R Sailor Step, Forward(R, L)
1-2& Step R side(1), Step L behind R(2), Step R next to L(&)
3&4 Touch Step L heel diagonally(3), Step L next to R(&), Step R cross over L(4)
5-6& Step L to L side(5), 1/4R Step R behind L(6)(3:00), Step L to L side(&)
7-8 Step R forward(7), Step L forward(8)

Sec.2) R Forward Rock, Recover, Anchor Step x 2(R, L), R Back Rock, Recover
1-2 Rock step R forward(1), Recover step L(2)
3&4 Rock step R back(3), Recover step L(&), Step R in place(4)
5&6 Rock step L back(5), Recover step R(&), Step L in place(6)
7-8 Rock step R back(7), Recover step L(8)

Sec.3) Forward (R, L), R Out, L Out, R In, L Cross, R Side, L Cross Back Touch, L Side, Touch
1-2 Step R forward(1), Step L forward(2)
&3&4 Step R out(&), Step L out(3), Step R in(&), Step L cross over R(4)
5-6 Step R to R side(5), Touch step L cross back(6)
7-8 Step L to L side(7), Touch step R next to L(8)

Sec.4) R Back Rock, L Recover, 1/2L R Back, L Back, R Back Rock, L Recover with R Flick, Walk (R, L)
1-2 Rock step R back(1), Recover step L(2)
3-4 1/2L Step R back(3), Step L back(4) (9:00)
5-6 Rock step R back(5), Recover step L with Step R flick(6)
7-8 Step R Forward(7), Step L forward(8)



Bokyung August 2, 2020
Love song and sweet dance 🦋🦋🦋

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