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Daan Geelen (NL) & Tommie Nijhuis (NL) - May 2015
Merengue by Robert Abigail (Radio Edit) 2.45
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Section 1:: Syncopated Jazzbox, Touch, Monterey ½ Turn with Touch, Cross Shuffle;
1 2Cross R over L, Step L Back
& 3 4Step R next to L, Cross L over R, Touch R to Rightside
5 6½ Turn Right Close R next to L, Point L to Leftside
7 & 8Cross L over R, Step R to Rightside, Cross L over R

Section 2: Samba Cross x2, Syncopated Rocks Fwd R L;
1 & 2Step R to Rightside, Close L next to R, Cross R over L
3 & 4Step L to Leftside, Close R next to L, Cross L over R
5 6Rock R Fwd, Recover to L
&7 8Close R next to L, Rock L Fwd, Recover to R

Section 3: Back Jumps with Touch 2X, ¼ Turn Touch Hold, Ball Cross Hold;
& 1 2Jump L Back, Touch R next to L, Hold
& 3 4Jump R Back, Touch L next to R, Hold
& 5 6¼ Turn Left Step L to Leftside, Touch R to Rightside, Hold
& 7 8Step R next to L, Cross L over R, Hold

Section 4: ¼ Turn Shuffle, Step Fwd, ¾ Spiral Turn, Rock, Recover Cross 2X;
1&2¼ Turn Right Step R Fwd, Close L next to R, Step R Fwd
3 4Step L Fwd, ¾ Turn Right on Left Foot
5&6Rock R to Rightside, Recover to L, Cross R over L
7&8Rock L to Leftside, Recover to R, Cross L over R

Tag: 8 counts - after wall 5 facing 3 o’clock
Monterey ¼ Turn, Monterey ½ Turn;
1 2Touch R to Rightside, ¼ Turn Right Close Feet
3 4Touch L to Leftside, Close L next to R
5 6Touch R to Rightside, ½ Turn Right Close Feet
7 8Touch L to Leftside, Close L next to R

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Last Update - 30th May 2015


Mainz May 21, 2015
Make the video Daan !! Hi from DK - Lene ;o)

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