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Scandalous Shuffle
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Phrased Improver
Bobbey Willson (April 2015)
Escandalo by La Sonora Dinamita
"Thx to S.M. for the dance challenge!"

Long intro - Begin during intro at beat 25.

A B A A C B A B A A C B / (can cut off here at 3:25, add end to 3:25 (C) see performance notes below)

SET A – 32 counts
A1: Chasse RLR Step-back & Rec, Chasse LRL Step-back & Rec
1&2 3 4Step R to right, Step L to R, Step R to right, Step back L Recover on R
5&6 7 8Step L to left, Step R to L, Step L to left, Step back R, Recover on L

A2: Shuffle fwd RLR Step Pivot 1/2 right, Shuffle fwd LRL Step Pivot 1/4 left
1&2 3 4Step fwd R, Step L to R, Step fwd R, Step fwd L, Turn 1/2 right and shift wt to R
5&6 7 8Step fwd L, Step R to L, Step fwd L, Step fwd R, Turn 1/4 left and shift wt to L

A3: Shuffle fwd RLR Raise L knee Point L, Shuffle back LRL Raise R knee Point R down
1&2 3 4Step fwd R, Step L to R, Step fwd R, Raise L knee, Point L to left
5&6 7 8Step back L, Step R to L, Step back L, Raise R knee, Point R toe straight down (wt is on L)

A4: Chasse RLR Rock-Fwd & Rec, Triple Step 1/2 turn left LRL, Point R Drag R to top of L
1&2 3 4Step R to right, Step L to R, Step R to right, Cross Rock L, Recover on R
5&6Turning 1/2 left and Step: L, R, L
7 8Point R to right, drag R toe to top of L (wt is on L)

SET B – 32 counts
B1: Steps Fwd RL Rw/Hip Hip Hip, Rocking Chair LRLR
1 2 3&4Step fwd R, Step fwd L, Step fwd R and Swing Hip to right, Hip left, Hip right
5 6 7 8Rock fwd L, Recover on R, Rock back L, Recover on R

B2: Steps Fwd LR Lw/Hip Hip Hip, Full turn left moving back: RL,RL
1 2 3&4Step fwd L, Step fwd R, Step fwd L and Swing Hip to left, Hip right, Hip left
5 6Turn 1/4 left and step back R, Turn 1/4 left and step L to left
7 8Turn 1/4 left and step fwd R, Turn 1/4 left and step back L
REPEAT 1-16, with 32 counts total for “Set B”
Note: You should end in Set B in the same place you started Set B

SET C – 4 counts
C1: Stomp 4 beats RLRL or RRRR or just swish skirts for 4 beats… (finish with weight on L)
1 2 3 4In Place: Stomp or Step “lively” 4x (swish those skirts!)

Notes if used as a performance piece, with our without the Scandalous Train:
*At the end do step turns until facing front and end with a flurry of skirts and stomp(s)!
*Instead of just fading out at 3:25, cut and paste ending from the song onto your music for your finale –finish with Set C.

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use on your website
please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact details on this script.
Contact: willbeys@aol.com
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