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Dirk & Wibke Leibing
ILHAMA feat. DJ OGB - Bei mir bist du scheen
Intro : 48 counts

Step, Point, Step, Point, Full Turn right
1-2Step RF diagonally forward right(1:30), Point LF in front of RF
3-4Step LF ¼ left(10:30), Point RF in front of LF
5-6Step RF 3/8 right(3:00), Turn ½ Stepping LF back(9:00)
7-8Step RF ¼ right, Touch LF next to RF(12:00)

Chasse left, Rock Step back, Kick Ball Cross(2x)
1&2Step LF left, Close RF to LF, Step LF left
3-4Rock RF back, Recover on LF
Restart in Wall 2 and 10
5&6Kick RF forward, RF Ball, Cross LF in front of RF
7&8Kick RF forward, RF Ball, Cross LF in front of RF
Restart in Wall 4

Toe & Heel Switches, Shuffle right, Rock Step
1&2&Point RF right, Close RF next to LF, Point LF left, Close LF next to RF
3&Touch Right heel forward, close RF next to LF
4&Touch Left heel forward, close LF next to RF
5&6Step RF forward, Close LF next to RF, Step RF forward
7-8Rock LF forward, Recover on RF

Shuffle back, Triple ½ Turn, Step ¼ Turn, Cross Shuffle
1&2Step LF back, Close RF next to LF, Step LF back
3&4Step RF ¼ right, (3:00) Close LF next to RF, Step RF ¼ right(6:00)
5-6Step LF forward, Turn ¼ right(9:00)
7&8Cross LF over RF, Step RF right, Cross LF over RF

4 Count Tag after Wall 6(12:00):
1Step RF right
2-4Circle HIP to LF clockwise
Start again

Have Fun

Contact - Dirk & Wibke Leibing -


Dirk June 4, 2012
Count 6 in Section 1 should be Turn ½ Stepping LF back(9:00)

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