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Intermediate Rolling Count
Myra Harrold (SCO) - June 2021
I'll Never Fall in Love Again - Tom Jones : (Album:The Decca Years)
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Intro: 12 Seconds,On Vocals

Sect:1 - Fwd,Sweep,Cross Twinkle,Fwd,1/4 Weave,Side Draw X2,Fwd,1/4,Touch,Back,Touch
1,2&a,3,4&aLf Fwd,Sweep Rf Over Lf,Lf To Rf,Rf To L,Lf Fwd,Sweep Rf 1/4 L Over Lf,Lf To L,Rf Behind Lf (9)
5,6,7&8&Lf To L,Draw Rf To Lf,Rf To R,Draw Lf To Rf,Lf Fwd,Pivot 1/4 L,Touch Rf To Lf,Rf Back,Touch Lf To Rf (6)

Sect:2 - Fwd,1/4,Touch,Back,Touch,Triple 1/2 X 2,Rock,Hitch, Behind,Recover,Sweep,Back,Sweep 1/8,Back,Close,Back(Lean Back,Prep For Turn)
1&2&3&aLf Fwd,Pivot 1/4 L,Touch Rf To Lf,Rf Back,Touch Lf To Rf,Lf Fwd,Pivot ½ L,Rf Back,Lf Back (9)
4&a5,6Rf Back,Pivot 1/2 L,Lf Fwd,Rf Fwd,Rock Lf Fwd Hitching Rf Behind L Leg,Rf Back,Sweep Lf (3)
7,8&1Lf Back,Sweep Rf Pivoting 1/8 R,Rf Back,Close Lf To Rf,Rock Rf Back (Lean Back) (4.30)

Sect:3 - Fwd, Full Turn,Fwd,Hitch 1/8,Cross,Side,1/4,Cross,Hitch,Cross,Hitch,Rock,Recover X 2
2&a3Lf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 L,Rf Back,Pivot 1/2 L,Lf Fwd,Rf Fwd Hitching Lf Pivoting 1/8 R(6)
4&a5Cross Lf Over Rf,Rf To R,Pivot 1/4 L,Lf To L,Cross Rf Over Lf Hitching Lf (3)
6,7&8&Cross Lf Over Rf,Hitch Rf,Rock Rf Fwd,Recover Lf,Rock Rf Fwd,Recover Lf, (3)

Sect:4 - Rf Back,Pivot 1/2,Run Round 3/4,Hitch,Cross Rock Recover X 2,Fwd,1/2 Pivot
1,2&a3Rf Back,Pivot 1/2 L Hooking Lf Over R Leg (1 Count),Run 4 Steps In A 1/4 Arc Left, L,R,L,R (6)
4&a5Run A Further 4 Steps In A 1/2 Arc Left, L,R,L,R Hitching Lf On Last Count (12)
6&a7&a8&Rock Lf Over Rf,Recover Rf,Lf To L,Rock Rf Over Lf,Recover Lf,Rf To R,Lf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 R On Both Feet Changing Weight To Rf (6)

No Tags,No Restarts .
The Song Slows At The End Of Sect:3 On The Last Wall,Just Dance Through It

Finish With Full Turn & Point Right,Tah Dah


Lynne mcnair June 17, 2021
Great dance and good to sing along to 🤩

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