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Seems Like Trouble to Me

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Gail A. Dawson [3/2015]
"Trouble" by Iggy Azalea (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
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Intro: 32 counts

Step, Rock, Recover, Kick, Turn, Rock, Recover
1Stomp R to R
2&3Rock L behind R, recover onto R, kick L
&4Step L down, cross R over L
5-6Turn ¼ step L back (3:00), turn ½ step R forward (9:00)
7&8Rock L forward, recover R back, step L next to R

Turn, Step, Rock, Recover, Step, Rolling Vine with ¼ Turn, Step Back
1-2Turn ½ R stepping R forward, step L forward
3&4Step R to forward, step L back, step R back (3:00)
5, 6, 7Turn ¼ L stepping L forward (12:00), turn ½ L step R back, turn ½ L step L forward
&8Rock R forward, step L back (12:00)

Diagonal, Lean, Modified Monterey Turning 1/2
1&2Step R back diagonally to R, step L beside R, touch R beside L
3-4Point R to R leaning body to L, step R beside L
5-6&Point L to L, L hitch turning ½ to L (6:00), step L beside R
7-8Touch R to R, touch R beside L

Toe-Heel Struts with Hip Bumps, Diagonal Lock Step, Swivel, Swivel
1&2Touch R toe forward, bumping hip to R, Bump hips to L, Step R in place
3&4Touch L toe forward, bumping hip to L, Bump hips to R, Step L in place (6:00)
5&6&Turning body slightly to R, (7:30), Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward, Step L next to R (7:30)
7-8On balls of feet, swivel heels L, Swivel heels to R, squaring up to wall (weight on L) (6:00)

Last Update – 14th May 2015



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