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Jo Boocock (NZ) & Bex Roper (NZ) - June 2021
Sweet Like Cola - Lou Bega
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Starts on lyrics

One restart after 16 counts on wall 11, facing 3:00

Prissy walk and hold twice, Hip push Right, Hip push Left
1 2 3 4Step R fwd and across L, hold, step L fwd and across R, hold
5&6 7&8Step R fwd with hip push right-left-right, step L fwd with hip push left-right-left

Two 1/8 Left with hip rolls, Two Samba Steps
1,2,3,4R step fwd into 1/8th hip roll, R step fwd into 1/8th hip roll [9:00]
5&6,7&8R cross over L, L step L, R step R, L cross over R, R step R, L step L

Jazz Square 1/2 Right, Volta 1/2 Right with wings
1,2,3,4Cross R over L, step L back, 1/2 right stepping R fwd [3:00], step L fwd
5&6&7&8Step R fwd [4:30], step L by R, step R fwd [6:00], step L by R, step R fwd [7:30], step L by R, step R fwd [9:00] (arms out like wings of a plane)

Forward Mambo, Side Mambo, Walk back with knee pop
1&2, 3&4Rock L fwd, recover back on R, step L by R, rock R to right, recover on L, step R by L
5,6,7&8Step L back, step R back, L step together by R, lift both heels up and pushing both knees forward, both heels down

Ends on 14 (facing 9:00)
1 2 3 4 5R Prissy walk, hold, Step L fwd, 1/4 R [12:00], Step L fwd

Dance edit, email:
Have fun and let's see what happens!


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