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Shaggin' Shuffle

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Rosie Multari (USA) - February 2016
Shama Lama Ding Dong by Otis Day & the Knights (short, 2:39) or by Band of Oz (long. 4:14)
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Alt.: Dancin & Shaggin by Boys Club & a Babe available on

[1-8] Lindy Right, Rockin’ Chair*
1& 2Step R to right, Step L next to R, Step R to right
3, 4Rock back on L, recover weight to R
5, 6Rock forward on left, recover weight to R
7, 8Rock back on L, recover weight to R

[9-16] Shuffle, 1/2 Pivot, Shuffle 1/2 Pivot
1& 2Shuffle forward L, R, L
3, 4Step forward R, pivot 1/2 turn left, changing weight to L
5& 6Shuffle forward R, L, R
7, 8Step forward L, pivot 1/2 turn right, changing weight to R

[17-24] Lindy Left, Rockin’ Chair*
1& 2Step L to left, Step R next to L, Step L to left
3, 4Rock back on R, recover weight to L
5, 6Rock forward on R, recover weight to L,
7, 8Rock back on R, recover weight to L

[25-32] Shuffle, 1/2 Pivot Turn, Shuffle, 1/4 Pivot Turn
1&2Shuffle forward R, L, R
3, 4Step forward L, pivot 1/2 turn right, changing weight to R
5 & 6Shuffle forward L, R, L
7, 8Step forward R, pivot 1/4 turn left, changing weight to L (3 o’clock)

[33-40] Cross Weave, 1/4 Turn Touch, Diagonal Shuffles
1, 2Step R over L, step L to left
3, 4Step R behind L as you 1/4 turn right, flick L (6 o’clock)
5 & 6Shuffle on the diagonal L, R, L
7 & 8Shuffle on the diagonal R, L, R

[41-48] Syncopated Grapevine Left, Heel Switches, 1/4 Turn
1, 2Step L to left side, cross R behind L
& 3, 4Step L to left side, quickly cross R in front of L, stomp L next to R
5& 6&7, 8Touch R heel forward, step R next to L, touch L heel forward, step L next to R, Touch R heel forward, pivot 1/4 turn right on both the ball of L foot & R heel, weight remains in the left (9 o’clock)

Begin again!

*Choreographer’s note: you can substitute two 1/2 pivot turns for the Rockin’ Chairs (counts 5-8 and 21-24)

The dance starts on the vocals on every song, but the lead in varies. The Band of Oz version has a long intro, so you can either wait 80 counts (36 sec) or start sooner, waiting 32 counts (14 sec) but you will be dancing before the full vocals start. With the Otis Day version, you start after 32 counts. With the Boys Club & a Babe song, you start after 32 counts.



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