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Shake Your Cake

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Amy Glass (USA) & Cody Flowers (USA) - April 2022
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Dance starts 32 counts in.

[1-8] Hip Rolls w/ Bumps (x2), Side-Together, Shuffle Forward
1 2Step RF to right while rolling hips from L to R, Bump L hip up L (12:00)
3 4Roll hips from R to L transferring weight to LF, Bump R hip up R (12:00)
5 6Step RF to right side, Step LF beside RF (12:00)
7&8Step RF forward, Step LF beside RF, Step RF forward (12:00)

[9-16] Side-Together, Shuffle Back, Walk Back (x2), Rock Back-Recover
1 2Step LF to left side, Step RF beside LF (12:00)
3&4Step back on LF, Step RF beside LF, Step back on LF (12:00)
5 6Step back on RF, Step back on LF (12:00)
7 8Rock back on RF, Recover weight on LF (12:00)
Restart On Wall 7 after 16 counts facing 6:00.

[17-24] Side Rock-Recover, Crossing Shuffle, Side, ¼, Crossing Shuffle
1 2Rock RF to right, Recover weight on LF (12:00)
3&4Cross RF over LF, Step LF to left, Cross RF over LF (12:00)
5 6Step LF to left, ¼ Turn right stepping RF to right side (3:00)
7&8Cross LF over RF, Step RF to right, Cross LF over RF (3:00)

[25-32] Point, Hold, & Point, Hold, Heel (x2), Step Pivot ½
1 2Point Right Toes to right, Hold (3:00)
&3 4Step RF beside LF, Point Left toes to left, Hold (3:00)
&5&6Step LF beside RF, Touch Right Heel forward, Step RF beside LF, Touch Left Heel forward (3:00)
&7 8Step LF beside RF, Step forward on RF, Pivot ½ Turn left putting weight on LF (9:00)

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BklynAng April 13, 2022
Fun dance! Thanks

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