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She's a Fool

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Absolute Beginner
Betty Moses (USA) - June 2019
She's a Fool by Leslie Gore & Claus Ogerman
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[1-8] Diagonal Step, Slide, Step Touch Right & Left
1-4Step R forward to corner (1:30), Slide L next to R, step forward at right diagonal, touch L next to R
5-8Step L forward to corner (10:30), Slide R next to L, step forward at left diagonal, touch R next to L
[9-16] Diagonal Step Touches Back R-L-R-L
1-4Step R back at right diagonal, Touch L next to R, Step L back at left diagonal, Touch R next to L
5-8Repeat counts 1-4

[17-24]Vine Right, Vine Left ¼ Turn
1-4Step R to side, Step L behind R, Step R to side, Touch L next to R
5-8Step L to side, Step R behind L, Step L forward turning ¼ left, Touch R next to L (9:00)
[25-32]K Step
1-2Step R to right front diagonal, Touch L beside R (clap)
3-4Step L to left back diagonal, Touch R beside L (clap)
5-6Step R to right back diagonal, Touch L beside R (clap)
7-8Step L to left front diagonal, Touch R beside L, (clap)



Jazzbox June 5, 2019
I like the dance a lot, very good for AB dancers. I will use in my class at some point. Even thought the step sheet is very clear, a demo video would be helpful. Thank you for sharing this lovely dance.

Sandue June 9, 2019
I agree with Jazzbox - very good dance, but I also like a video for my students to watch and practice. Please, if you care enough to choreogragh a dance, take the time and effort to do a video of the dance.

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