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She's Crazy

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Intermediate Cha Cha rhythm
Derek Steele (USA) & Jill Babinec - January 2016
She's Crazy but She's Mine - Alex Sparrow : (iTunes)
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Sequence: 32 – 32 – 32 – 32 – TAG 1 - 32 – 32 – TAG 2 - 32 – dance till end

Intro: 32 counts (vocals only)…start after the horn beat

[1-9] L Side, Back R, Recover L, R Fwd Cha, 1/4 R turn point L side, L flick, L Crossing Cha
1-3Step L to L side, Rock back on R, Recover onto L
4&5Step forward with R, step together with L, step forward with R
6-7Pivot ¼ R as pointing L toe to side, Flick L to outside
8&1Step L across R, Step R to R side, Step L across the R (3:00)

[10-16&] R Side, L Behind, R Side Cha, Cross Rock, L Side, R Together
2-3Step R to R side, Step L behind R
4&5Step R to R side, step together with L, step R to R side
6-7Rock L across R, Recover onto R
8&Step L to L side, Step together with R

[17-24] L Side with Hip Roll, Ball Side with Hip Roll, Double Hip Roll
1-4Step L to L side (1) as you start CCW hip roll one full rotation (wt ends on L) (2-4)
&5-6Step ball of R next to L (&), Step L to L side as start CCW hip roll one rotation (5-6)
&7&8CCW hip roll 2 times with weight ending on L (3:00)

[25-32] R Cross, 1/8 R Turn Step Back L, Cha Cha 1/2 R Turn, L Sweep 3/8 R Turn Touch L , Body Roll
1-2Step R across the L, Turning 1/8 R as step back on L (4:30)
3&4Turn 1/4 R stepping back on R (7:30), Turn 1/8 R stepping L behind R (9:00), Turn 1/8 R step fwd on R (10:30)
5-6Sweep L around back to front to turn 3/8 R (3:00) ending with L touching fwd
7-8Body Roll top to bottom to slight sit and finish with weight on R and L touching fwd (3:00)
***(Note: you will start and end this set of 8 at the same wall, middle counts work off of diagonal walls)***


*TAG 1: 8 counts (will happen once you get back around to front wall) (Will fit the horn beat in the music) (done only once)
[1-8&] L side step, R Jazz box, R cross and cross, Sway Sway Sway Hitch
1-3Step L to L side, Step R across L, Step back on L
&4&5Step slightly back/side on R, Step L across R, Small step side R, Step L across R,
6-7Rock R to R side (Sway hips R), Recover weight side L (Sway hips L)
8&Recover weight side R (Sway hips R), Bring L foot in by R (no weight) (think of a small hitch)

** TAG 2: 4 counts (will happen at back wall 6:00).
[1-4] Cross L over R, Full Unwind
1-4Cross L over R (1), full turn unwind CW (2-3-4) (weight ends on R)

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Derek Steele ( (
Jill Babinec ( ( Jan. 2016


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