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She's My Baby

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Jean Loafman (USA) - May 2018
She’s My Baby - Robert Mizzell
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Walk, Walk, Mambo, Lock Back, Sailor Quarter
1,2Walk Right forward, Walk Left Forward
3&4Rock Right forward, Recover left, Step Right together
5&6Step Left back, Lock Right over left, Step Left back
7&8Swing Right behind left, Turn 1/4 right and step left side, Step Right side

Chasse Forward, Step Touch, Step Kick, Behind, Side Cross, Scissor
1&2Chasse forward (left, right, left)
3&4&Step Right forward, Touch Left toe, Step Left together, Kick Right forward
5&6Swing Right behind left, Step Left side, Cross Right over left.
7&8Step Left side, Step Right together, Cross Left over right
(Restart here on Walls 3 and 6)

Side Together 1/4 Right, Rocking Chair, 1/4 Right, Crossing Chasse
1&2Step Right side, Step Left together, Step Right 1/4 right
3&4&Rock Left forward, Recover Right, Rock Left back, Recover Right
5,6Step Left forward, Step Right 1/4 right (weight right)
7&8Cross Left over right, Step Right side, Cross Left over right

Rumba Box, Coaster, Kick-Ball-Touch
1&2Step Right side, Step Left together, Step Right forward
3&4Step Left side, Step Right together, Step Left back
5&6Step Right back, Step Left together, Step Right forward
7&8Kick Left forward, Step Left together, Touch Right together

Begin Again

Restart: after 16 counts on Walls 3 and 6.


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