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Shoot Me Straight Slide
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High Beginner
Deanna Nemes – March 2018
Shoot Me Straight (Radio Edit) – Brothers Osborne
**2 Restarts - 2 Tags

[1-8] Step Side Right, slide left to right, left heel front, together, right heel front, together, step side left, slide right next to left, right heel forward, together, left heel forward, together
1,2 3&4&Step right foot to right side, slide left foot next to right (keep weight on right), tap left heel forward, step left next to right, tap right heel forward, step right next to left
5,6 7&8&Step left foot to left side, slide right foot next to left (keep weight on left), tap right heel forward, step right next to left, tap left heel forward, step left next to right

[9-16] Walk, walk, ¼ turn left mambo cross, shuffle side left, cross right behind left and unwind ½ around
1, 2, 3&4Step forward right, step forward left, step forward right making a ¼ left (facing 9:00), recover left foot, cross right in front of left
5&6, 7,8left side shuffle (left, right left), cross right foot behind left, unwind ½ turn to right (facing 3:00)

[17-24] Step forward left, kick right, back right, tap left behind, skate left, skate right, shuffle l-r-l
1,2,3,4Step left forward, kick right foot forward, step right foot back, tap left foot to back
5,6, 7&8skate left foot diagonal forward (11:00), skate right foot diagonal forward (1:00), shuffle forward left, right, left

[25-32] Press right forward, recover left, ¼ shuffle to right, step wide left, step wide right, hit hands to thighs (2x) and sweeping clap (1x)
1, 2, 3&4step right forward shifting weight to right foot, push weight back onto left foot, shuffle ¼ turn to right stepping right, left right (facing 6:00)
5, 6, 7&8step out wide with left foot, step out wide with right foot, simultaneously slap left thigh with left hand and right thigh with right hand, clap (try to sync slaps & clap to lyrics “shoot me straight”

Tag 1 – end of wall 2, end of wall 4, end of tag 2 (x2) - Lindy Right, Lindy Left
1&2, 3,4, 5&6 7,8Shuffle side right, rock left behind right, recover left, shuffle side left, rock right behind left, recover left (add an additional right and left lindy after tag 2 for 16 cts total)

Restart 1: On wall 5 Dance through count 16, unwind slowly for 4 counts and restart dance (9:00 wall)

Restart 2: On wall 6 dance through count 16 and restart dance (6:00 wall)

Tag 2: End of wall 7 – dance thru count 28 (1/4 shuffle) then Add modified box steps
1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7&8Step left forward, cross right over left, step left back and slight to the left side, step right beside left, step left forward, cross right over left, step left back and slight to the left side, step right beside left (adding thigh slaps and clap here)

End : Add an extra heel tap with right foot on the final beat.

Styling note: Try your best to synchronize the thigh slaps and clap with the words “Shoot Me Straight” wording is off count in a few parts

Contact: deanna.nemes@gmail.com

Last Update - 2nd April 2018
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