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Chris Jacques (USA) - July 2019
Blow by Ed Sheeran with Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars
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Intro: 32 Counts

[1-8] Step Forward w/ prep, 1½R Turn w/ sweep, Behind, Side, ¼L Heel Grind, Sailor Step
1, 2&Step forward on R, prepping for spin (1); Rotate ½R Turn, Stepping back on L (2) ½R Turn Stepping forward on R (&)
3-4&½R turn stepping back on L, Sweeping R (3); Step R behind L (4); Step L to L side (&)
5, 6Step forward on R heel (5); Rotate ¼R Turn swiveling R heel, recovering on L (6)
7&8Step R Behind L (7); Step L to L side (&) Step R to R side(8)

[9-16] ¼R Ball-Step, Chase Turn, Mambo Forward, Coaster, Lock-Step, Brush
&1Step ball of L next to R (&) Rotate ¼R turn, stepping forward on R (1)
2&3Step forward on L (2) ½R turn, stepping forward on R (&) Step forward on L (3)
4&5Rock forward on R (4); Recover on L (&) Step back on R (5)
6&7Step back on L (6); Step R next to L (&) Step forward on L (7)
&8&Lock R behind L (&) Step forward on L (8) Brush R next to L (&)
** Restart here after 16 counts on walls 2 and 5. Both walls start facing 3:00, restart facing 9:00.**

[17-24] Side, Rock, Recover, Side touch x2, Side, ¼R Sailor w/ Prep, ½L Pivot, ½L Turn
1, 2&Rotate ¼L, Stepping R to R side (1); Rock L behind R (2) Recover R (&)
3&4Step L to L side (3); Touch R next to L (&), Rotate ¼L Turn, Stepping R to R side (4)
&5Touch L next to R (&) Step L to L side (5)
6&7Step R Behind L (6); Step L to L side (&) Rotate ¼R turn, stepping forward on R(7)
*This step also preps for next turn*
8&Make ½L turn, Stepping forward on L (8) Make ½L turn, Stepping back on R (&)

[25-32] Side, Cross, Back, Back, Cross, Back, Back w/ Sweep, Behind, Side, 2 Walks
1, 2Step L to L side (1); Cross R over L (2)
3&4&Step back on L (3); Step R back on diagonal (&) Cross L over R (4) Step back on R (&)
5-6&Step L back, sweeping R (5); Cross R behind L (6); Step L to L side (&)
7, 8Walk forward R, L (7,8) *Styling: Add attitude to the walks

Finish: On wall 9, dance through first 20 counts of dance. For 4&5 instead of a side touch, step R to R side, L next to R, cross R over L and ¾ (or 1 ¾ ) unwind to the front as the music cuts out.

Last Update – 20 Oct. 2019


mary58 November 23, 2019
Brilliant choreography and great music

DanseNina January 19, 2020
We danced it at Western Line Dancers (Cato Larsen) in Norway tonight, and we all liked it. Personally I think it is one of the best dances I have danced for a long time. Love the music. In the jungle of dances, this one deserves to be picked up.

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