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Beginner waltz
Åsa Gustafsson (SWE) - February 2020
Shortcuts (I Can't Wait) - Molly Hammar
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(floorsplit to my dance: SHORTCUTS)
Count in:12

MUSIC: most waltz music. Examples…..
Music to my eyes- Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper ( A star is born)
Woman- Florida Georgia (feat Jason Derulo)
Painting Pillows- Lauren Alaina

[1-6] :Basic L fwd, basic R back
123Step L fwd, R beside L, L beside R
456Step R back, L beside R, R beside L

[7-12]: L fwd sweep R. R fwd sweep L
123Step fwd on L, sweep R toe from back to infront of L
456Step fwd on R, sweep L toe from back to infront of R

[13-18]: L twinkle, R Twinkle turn ¼ R to 3 O´clock
123Step L across R, R to R, recover on L
456Step R across L turn ¼ R stepping L back, R beside L

[19-24]: Step L fwd and drag R, step R back drag L
123Step long step fwd on L, drag R from back and touch R beside L heel.
456Step long step back on R, drag L from front and touch L toe beside R toe

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