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Ashley Kay - January 2019
Shotgun - George Ezra
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Dance starts with the vocals after 16 counts.

[1-8] Grapevine Right, Full triple turn, Grapevine Left ¼ turn Left, Recover Step Back (9:00)
1-2Step R to the Right, Step L behind R
3&4Full turn triple step R-L-R
(Beginner Option: Triple in place without the full turn)
5-6Step L to the Left, Step R behind L
7&8Step L to the Left while doing a ¼ turn to the Left, Recover on R, Step L back

[9-16] Walk Back (x2), Rock Recover Cross, ¾ turn right, Shuffle Forward (6:00)
1-2Walk Back R, Walk Back L
3&4Rock R to Right, Recover on L, Cross R over L
5-6Turn ¼ turn to right and step back on L, Turn ½ turn to right and step forward on R.
7&8Step L forward, Step R together, Step L forward

[17-24] Pivot ½ turn, Step together (x2), Kick-ball change (12:00)
1-2Step R forward, ½ turn pivot over left shoulder (weight falls onto Left)
3-4Step R forward, bring L together next to R*
5-6Step R forward, bring L together next to R*
7&8Kick R forward, Step down on R, Step down on L
*Styling Tip: With Attitude hip rolls

[24-32] Pivot ¼ turn left, Behind Side Cross, Rock-Recover, Behind Side Cross (9:00)
1-2Step forward on R, Pivot ¼ turn to the Left (weight on Left)
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to the Left, Cross R over L
5-6Rock L to left, Recover on right
7&8Step L behind Right, Step R to the Right, Cross L over Right


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