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Rebecca Lee (MY) - January 2014
Showgirl - Bluey Robinson
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Stomp, R Sweep, ¼ Behind Side Sweep, Boogie Walk, R Coaster Step
1,2Stomp RL forward , Sweep R out
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to L, ¼ turn L step R forward
5&6Walk L, R , L
7&8Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R forward

Toe Switches, ¼ turn Toe Switches, Hold, Knee Pop, ¼ Swivel Heel
1&2&Touch L to L Side, Step L Beside R, Touch R to R Side, Step R beside L
3&4¼ turn L touch L forward, Step L beside L, Step R forward
5&6Hold , Knee Pop with heel rise up
7&8Twist RL heel to R,Twist RL heel slightly making ¼ turn L, Twist RL heel

Rock Back, Big Slide, Body Roll, Walk, Out, Shoulder Roll
1&2Step L behind R, recover on R, Big Step to the L
3&4Pull R beside L, Body Roll ( alternative drag R beside L slowly)
5,6Walk R forward, Step L to L side
7,8Hold, Shoulder Roll forward

Ball Change, Touch, Full Turn, Bounce
&1,2Step L behind R, Cross R over L, Touch L to L (prep motion)
3,4Full turn L with pulling your L leg beside R (alternative cross L over R, step R beside L)
5,6,7,8Knee Bounce with Body to Right, Back, Left, Center

** Dance With All Your Heart** Enjoy



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