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Improver / Easy Intermediate
Gaye Teather (UK) - January 2008
I Don't Want To Hear Any More - Eagles : (CD: Long Road Out Of Eden)
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Intro: 32 Counts from start of heavy beat - starting to dance on vocals - (26 seconds)

Dance rotates in CW direction

Walk Right. Left. Touch & heel & touch behind. Half turn Right. Step. Shuffle forward
1 – 2 Walk forward Right. Left
3&4 Touch Right toe behind Left heel. Step slightly back on Right. Touch Left heel forward
& Step Left beside Right
5 – 6 Touch Right behind Left. Half turn Right transferring weight to Right (Facing 6 o’clock)
7 Step forward on Left
8&1 Step forward on Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right

Left side rock & cross. Right side rock & cross. Back. Quarter turn Right. Cross shuffle
2&3 Rock Left to Left side. Recover onto Right. Cross Left over Right
4&5 Rock Right to Right side. Recover onto Left. Cross Right over Left
(travel slightly back during steps 2&3, 4&5)
6 – 7 Step back on Left. Quarter turn Right stepping Right to Right side (Facing 9 o’clock)
8&1 Cross Left over Right. Step Right to Right. Cross Left over Right

Right side rock. Behind-side-cross. Left side rock. Behind-side. Step forward
2 – 3 Rock Right to Right. Recover onto Left
4&5 Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to Left. Cross Right over Left
6 – 7 Rock Left to Left. Recover onto Right
8&1 Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right. Step forward on Left

Step. Pivot half turn Left. Kick-ball-change. Forward rock. Coaster step
2 – 3 Step forward on Right. Pivot half turn Left (Facing 3 o’clock)
4&5 Kick Right forward. Step Right beside Left. Step Left in place
6 – 7 Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
8& Step back on Right. Step Left beside Right

Note: The Right step forward completing the coaster step also starts the dance again, i.e. step 1 of the dance.

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