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Siang Malam Goyang
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Phrased Beginner
Mayee Lee, Malaysia (May 2019)
Siang Malam Goyang by Rheyna Morena (CD 3:27)
Intro: Start after 16 counts or start at 0.09 seconds
Sequence of dance : Intro Dance A Tag1 A1-32 Tag2 B A Tag1 A Tag1 Ending Dance

Intro Dance/Ending Dance(32 counts)
Section i1 : R Side, Touch L Forward, L Side, Touch R Forward(x2)
1 – 4Step R to R(1), touch L forward(2), step L to L(3), touch R forward(4)
5 – 8Repeat counts 1-4

Section i2 : Full Turn R With R & L Shuffle, Walk RLR, Touch L
1&2 3&4Slowly ¼ turn R step R forward(1), step L on ball behind R(&), step R forward(2)(3.00), slowly ¼ turn R step L forward(3), step R on ball behind R(&), step L forward(4)(6.00)
5 – 8Slowly ½ turn R walk forward RLR(5-7) back to 12.00 & touch L beside R(8)

Section i3 : Mirror steps for Section 1

Section i4 : Mirror steps for Section 2

Part A (64 counts)
Section 1 : R Jazz Box, R Out, L Out, R In, L In
1 – 4Cross R over L(1), step L back(2), step R to R(3), step L forward(4)
5 – 8Step R out(5), step L out(6), step R in(7), step L in(8)

Section 2 : Bump R Hips Twice, Bump L Hips Twice, Paddle ¼ Turn L (x2)
1&2 3&4Step R to diagonally R bump hip to R(1), bump hip to L(&), bump hip to R(2), step L to diagonally L bump hip to L(3), bump hip to R(&), bump hip to L(4)
5 – 8Step R forward(5), ¼ turn L recover on L(6)(9.00), step R forward(7), ¼ turn L recover on L(8)(6.00)

Section 3 : Repeat Section 1 (Part A)

Section 4 : Repeat Section 2 (Part A)

Section 5 : R Side, L Together, R side, L Together, Cross R, L Side, Cross R, L Side, Cross R, L Side
1 – 4Step R to R(1), step L beside R(2), step R to R(3), step L beside L(4)
5&6&78Cross R over L(5), step L to L(&), cross R over L(6), step L to L(&), cross R over L(7), step L to L(8)

Section 6 : Repeat Section 5 (Part A)

Section 7 : Cross R, Recover L, R Side, Touch L, Cross L, Recover R, L Side, Touch R
1 – 4Cross R over L(1), recover on L(2), step R to R(3), touch L to L(4)
5 – 8Cross L over R(5), recover on R(6), step L to L(7), touch R to R(8)

Section 8 : Full Turn Rolling Vine To R With Hook, Vine Step To L With Hook
1 – 4¼ turn R step R forward(1)(3.00), ½ turn R step L back(2)(9.00), ¼ turn R step R to R(3), hook (4)(12.00)
5 – 8Step L to L(5), step R behind L(6), step L to L(7), hook R(8)

Part B (32 counts)
Section 1 : R Jazz Box ¼ Turn R, R Rocking Chair
1 – 4Cross R over L(1), ¼ turn L step L back(2)(3.00), step R to R(3), step L forward(4)(3.00)
5 – 8Rock R forward(5), recover on L(6), rock R back(7), recover on L(8)(3.00)

Section 2 : Repeat Section 1(Part B)(6.00)

Section 3 : Repeat Section 1(Part B)(9.00)

Section 4 : Repeat Section 1(Part B)(12.00)

Tag 1 (4 counts)
1 – 4Cross R over L(1), full turn L with bounce (2-4)(Easy Options: Bump hip RLRL on spot)

Tag 2 (8 counts)
1&2 3&4Step R to diagonally R(1), step L on ball beside R(&), step R on ball in place(2), step L to diagonally L(3), step R on ball beside L(&), step L on ball in place(4)
5 – 8Walk back R L R(5-7), step L beside R(8)

Contact : mayeeleeyy@gmail.com

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