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Sign of the Times

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Intermediate NC2
Ruben Luna (USA) & Melissa Culbertson (USA) - April 2017
Sign of the Times - Harry Styles : (iTunes)
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We suggest you start to fade music at Approximately 3:24. You should end facing 12:00.
Note: Arms are suggested, do what feels comfortable to you

Intro: 16 counts start on vocals

[1-8] Fwd Diagonal R, L, Rock Recover, Ball Cross, Rock Recover Cross, 1/2 Turn Right
1-2Step R forward into 11:00 diagonal, step L forward
3,4&5Rock forward R with small body roll, recover onto L, 1/8 turn right (12:00) place weight on ball of R foot, cross L over R
6&7&Rock R to right side, recover onto L, cross R over L, 1/4 turn right step L back (3:00)
8&1/4 turn right step R to right side, (6:00) cross L over R

[9-16] NC Basic Right, Left, Step R Fwd, Chase Turn Right, Step Fwd R, Rock Recover
1-2&Step R to right side, rock L behind R, recover onto R
3-4&Step L to left side, rock R behind L, recover onto L
5-6&Step forward on R, step forward on L, 1/2 turn right step forward R (12:00)
7&8&Step forward on L, step forward on R, rock forward on L, recover onto R

[17-24] Sweep Right 1/4, Weave 1/4, Rock Recover Hitch Turn, Walk R, L, Lunge R Recover L, 3/8 Turn Right
1-2&3Step L back into 1/4 turn right while sweeping R front to back, (3:00) step R behind L, 1/4 turn left step L forward (12:00), step R forward
4&5Rock L forward, recover onto R, 5/8 turn L on ball of L hitching R next to L (5:00)
Arms: on count 5 bring R arm straight up in air and L out to side horizontal (think of an L)
6&7Step R forward, step L forward, lunge R forward
Arms: (think of a windmill) Reach L arm forward from down and bring R arm down to start making a circle arms movement, both arms horizontal (6), continue to raise L arm up and R arm go down , finish 1/2 circle arms movement (&) raise R arm from down to up and bring L arm down back from up , finish full circle arms movement (7)
8&Recover onto L, 3/8 right turn step R forward, (9:00)

[25-32] 1/2 Turn Inside Sweep, 1/2 Turn Outside Sweep, Cross L over R, Back Side Cross, Rock Recover, Step Pivot 1/2 Left (On Diagonal)
1-31/2 turn right stepping L back sweeping R front to back, (3:00) 1/2 turn right Stepping R forward sweeping L back to front, (9:00) cross L over R
4&5Step R back, 1/8 turn left step L to side, (7:00) cross R over L
&6-71/8 turn right step L back, (9:00) 1/4 turn right rock R to right side, (12:00) recover onto L
Arms: Straight L arm out to side and raise R arm overhead from left to right (6) Lean upper body to right side and lower R arm to side (7)
8&1/8 turn left step R forward (11:00), 1/2 turn left placing weight on L (5:00) ready to start dance on diagonal. Dance finishes facing (12:00) start to fade music 3:24 and end 3:28

Ruben Luna -
Melissa Culbertson –


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