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Simple for 2 (P)

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Beginner Partner
Rick Hobbs - October 2018
Simple - Florida Georgia Line
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Position: Two hand Hold, Man facing FLOD, Lady facing RLOD
Opposite Footwork. Man’s footwork described except where noted.
Adapted, in part, from the line dance: Simple As Can Be. Choreographed by: Julia Wetzel

[1 – 8] Walk Back R, L, Rock R, Recover L, ½ Turn Shuffle, ½ Turn Shuffle
1-4Walk back R, Walk back L, Rock Back R, Recover L
5&6½ Turn Shuffle L (R, L, R)
7&8½ Turn Shuffle L (L, R, L)
Hands: On count 5 release man’s left, lady’s right. Lead the lady into her turn then release man’s right, lady’s left.

[9-16] Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Shuffle Fwd R, Step L, Clap, Clap
1-2Step Side Right, Touch Left Next to Right
3-4Step Side Left, Touch Right next to Left
5&6Shuffle fwd (R, L, R)
7Step fwd Left
& 8Clap Hands of Partner Twice
*** Note *** Restart will happen here in the 3rd sequence
Hands: On Count 1 rejoin hands in a 2 Hand hold

[17-24] Modified Rumba Box W/Shuffle, Side, Together, Shuffle, Side together, Shuffle
1-2Step side right, Step Left next to right
3&4Shuffle back (R, L, R)… Lady Shuffles fwd
5-6Step side left, Step right next to left
7&8Shuffle fwd (L, R, L) … Lady Shuffles back
Hands: On counts (1-2) Go into Closed Social Position

[25-32] Charleston (Men fwd, Lady back), Shuffle R, Shuffle L
1&2Touch fwd, Step Back,
3&4Touch back, Step Fwd
5&6Shuffle fwd R
7&8Shuffle in place (L, R, L)

***Note***. On counts 7&8 the Man will shuffle in place while the Lady continues to shuffle back. This will create space to go back into a 2 hand hold.
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