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Simply Gangnam style

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Phrased Beginner
Kit - December 2012
Gangnam Style - PSY
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Sequence of dance : AAA-B-AAAAA-B-AAA-Tag¬-A-Ending Tag

Part A – 32 counts
[1-8] Horse Riding Movement
1,2Hitch Right Knee & Hop, Hitch Left Knee & Hop
3,4Hitch Right Knee Twice & Hop
5,6Hitch Left Knee & Hop, Hitch Right Knee & Hop
7,8Hitch Left Knee twice & Hop

[9-16] Paddle ¼ Left x 4 (hand styling: L hand hold fist & raise in front of chest ,R hand swinging lasso)
1,2,3,4Step R fwd. Turn ¼ Left Stepping L to Left Side, Step R fwd. Turn ¼ Left on L
5,6,7,8Repeat Above

[17-24] Jazz Box ¼ Right Turn , Cross Point , Cross Point
1,2,3,4Cross R Over Left , Step Back L With ¼ Turn R, Step R to R Side, Step L Beside R
5,6,7,8Cross R Over L, Point L to L Side, Cross L Over R, Point R to R

[25-32] Walk Backward , V Step
1,2,3,4Walk backward on RLRL
5,6,7,8Step fwd and out on R, Step fwd and out on L, Step Back on R, Close L to R

Part B - 24 counts
[1-8] Right Mambo , Hold, Left Mambo, Hold
1,2,3,4Rock R to R Side, Recover onto L, Step R Together, Hold
5,6,7,8Rock L to L Side, Recover onto R, Step L Together, Hold

[9-16] Small Quick Steps Backward , Hop and Pose
1&2&3&4&5&6&7Stepping on the Spot RLRLRLRLRLRLR
8Hop & Pose

[17-24] Hold & Pose (Oppa Gangnam Style)
1-8Hold & Pose

Tag : 8 counts
1-4Step R to R Side and Hold ( Hand Styling: Straighten Both Hand & Face Down )
5-6( Hand Styling: Hold L Fist & Raise Up Elbow at Shoulder Level, Hold R Fist Up & Roll Your Fist Anti-clockwise)

Ending Tag: 4 counts
1-4Step R to R Side, Kick L out to Diagonally, Step L to L Side , Bend L Knee, Stretch R Leg & Pose

Note: This dance was modified for beginner level.



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